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Couple Arrested For Physically Abusing 11-Months-Old Son Over Alleged Witchcraft

Couple Arrested For Physically Abusing 11-Months-Old Son Over Alleged Witchcraft

A couple identified as Alvan and Ugonwa Orji have been arrested in Cross River State for physically abusing their 11- months-old son on several occasions over speculations that the child is possessed and responsible for their problems.


The complainant, James Ibor, Esq. Principal Counsel of Basic Rights Council Initiative, BRCI, a child rights advocate group, said, last month he received a complain from an undisclosed person that the said Mr. and Mrs. Orji were in the habit of physically and emotionally assaulting their 11-months-old son constantly, giving him inhuman treatments such as tying him to a chair, using electric cable on him and consistently yelling at him.

He further revealed that after the complain was lodged by the undisclosed neighbor of the Orjis, he sent some investigators from his office to the wine shop owned by the Orjis on several occasions.

According to him, on one occasion, the investigators spent over an hour in the shop and all through their stay, they observed that the child cried throughout the period, they also observed that the child had several scars on his face numbering over 8 adding that the neighbors confirmed that the child constantly undergoes physical and emotional torture from his parents, his father in particular.

James Ibor said neighbors also confirmed that the child’s father is fond of battering his only child with waist belt and electric cable regularly.

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After the arrest, Mr. Orji confessed to inflicting injuries on his only child but claimed that the baby is possessed with what he called Ogbanje (Abiku/Marine) spirit.

As at the time of filling this report, Mr. Orji a native of Abia state was still in detention while the mother of his only child, Ugonwa was referred to the Police Hospital for medical reports on the degree of injuries/damages inflicted on their child.

Source: crossriverwatch

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