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One Married Woman Writes To Singles & Married Women

One Married Woman Writes To Singles & Married Women

Hey my wonderful ladies. I greet you all. This issue of cheating husband is begining to get to me. I am getting really upset these days. Is this all we care about? Fine, it should bother us but I have something to tell you today. You are beautiful, smart, lovely, intelligent, good enough to be somebody’s wife. Our husbands saw something in us that made him put a ring on our fingers. Keep your head up high and enjoy the wonderful gift from God. It is God who chose you out to be married to your husband (except you get am from……#lol#).

Anyways, have it at the back of your mind that you are here to stay and there’s nothing any skinny bones in the name of side chicks can do about it. I just pity those girls sleeping around with people’s hubbys. Keep being deceived. If you were good enough for him, why didn’t he take you down the altar? The law of karma will catch up with you someday. Don’t forget all you can get from him is rounds of sex and peanuts. He can’t give you quarter of what he gives to his wife and children. He can’t take you to the luxury of his home and family which you yearn for. You can’t be fufilled. At most, all you get is sneaking around only at nights, when reasonable people are having peaceful night rest, few hour, (you don turn lady of the night). Stop wasting your time with these men by fooling yourself you love someone’s hubby. H can never marry you, he’s just using you to flex his youthful age. Pray to God for your own husband to come your way but mind you, you must suffer the pain you deliberately made another woman to go through, even worse. To my beautiful ladies, keep yourselves beautiful, smart, attractive, and enjoy your God given hubby, kids, just keep praying for them. God will arrest them someday. Have yourselves a wonderful weekend!

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