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Man Abandoned 59 Years Ago As 3-Week-Old Baby In Cinema Toilet Still Searching For Mum

Man Abandoned 59 Years Ago As 3-Week-Old Baby In Cinema Toilet Still Searching For Mum

A grandfather who was abandoned in a toilet cubicle in a cinema when he was just three-weeks-old is still searching for his mum 59 years later.

Robert Weston was found at the Odeon Cinema in New Street, Birmingham, with his head resting on a cushion and expensively dressed in Cherubim label clothing on March 26, 1956. The retired school teacher was named by a policeman who handed him over to duty doctor Bruce Park at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The Birmingham Mail carried a story about the discovery and ran appeals to find the mystery mum, but she has never been traced.

“I bear my mother no ill-will whatsoever,” Robert, who now lives in Plymouth, said. “Years ago, my first question to her would have been, why? Now it would be, how are you?”

Robert spent the first seven years of his life in a children’s home in Droitwich – a period he described as “unhappy”. But he found love and support through his adoptive parents George and Irene Weston, who ran pubs in Worcestershire. Irene died when he was 20 and George passed away last year – sparking Robert’s fresh search for his real roots. He joined the Royal Navy as a 16-year-old, left the service in 1978 and settled in Plymouth where he taught English.

For the father-of-six, there is one mystery he yearns to solve. “I was three weeks of age,” he said. “Abandoned babies are not kept for that long, that does not fit the norm.”

He knows his mother was at pains to find a location where she knew her son would be found safe and well.

“She took a real risk by leaving me there,” Robert said. “She tucked me up in the warm. All this points to someone who cares. I think she had to have reasons. It’s easy to go down the conspiracy theory route, but the impression I get from press reports at the time is of someone from a very good family.”

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Robert has approached a DNA data bank in London. They have uncovered possible links with America and Ireland.

His daughter Emma has also created a Facebook site dedicated to the search.

Source: Mirror

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