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Face Of Man Who Punched His Woman 15 Times In Front Of Her Children

Face Of Man Who Punched His Woman 15 Times In Front Of Her Children

This is the shocking moment a thug punched his partner 15 times ‘like a human punchbag’ in front of her three young children in a busy shopping centre lift.

Jason Edwards, 36, cornered his partner in the lift at Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, west London, before launching an assault on her. The attack, which lasted around two minutes, took place in front of the victim’s three children, who are all under the age of 13. When the lift doors opened, Edwards was greeted by a security guard but managed to flee the scene before police arrived.

The victim, who has not been named but is from north west London, did not attend hospital following the attack and refused to press charges or inform the police of her partner’s identity. However, an investigation was launched by detectives at the Community Safety Unit in Hammersmith and Fulham and Edwards was tracked down days later on February 16.


He admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm at magistrates’ court the following day and has now been jailed for two years at Isleworth Crown Court, Greater London. Following his sentencing, detective sergeant Damian Ash, of the Metropolitan Police, said: ‘Shockingly, Edward’s attack has been compared to a boxer relentlessly cornering and punching his opponent on the ropes.

‘For nearly two minutes he struck his partner as if she was a human punch bag in front of her three children who were helpless to stop it. Despite reluctance from the victim in revealing the identity of her partner and attacker, we were able to progress the investigation quickly using the CCTV and intelligence available to us’

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He added: ‘This case is testimony to our commitment in bringing violent offenders to justice, whatever the circumstances are, even when there is no victim statement provided at court.’

Cannot imagine what goes on at home.

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  • Firstly, he shouldn’t be regarded as a man. That said, how can his partner not press charges? I guess she’s so used to been punched in the face and she doesn’t see it as anything to be worried about Untill he finally kills her one day. And the stupid man has no dignity whatsoever, he beats the mother of his children infront of them not even at home in a public place smh. Some men need Jesus.

  • Is he insane?And dis is d mentality d children will grow with

  • She should better divorce the thug of a thing before he kills her….what a wicked brat!

  • Some men r brutes but I think what gave him the guts was that the woman always shielded him like she did in this case. I think women give men the right to keep on molesting them

  • Stupid woman refusing to identify her abuser ….its people like this that give such animals the guts to abuse women

  • She should wait for him to murder her so that she can launch a complain from the grave, some women are so clueless, smh seriously.

  • Chai its as if some women enjoy violent relationship bcs l dnt see why she would try to hide d man n his wickedness

  • Hmmmmmmm
    How I wish she could stop…
    And seek for divorce make she no go die

  • That’s one of the problems with some women who are in abusive relationships,they think it’s normal.She didn’t press charges,can you imagine?That man of yours is something else;punching you in front of your children,in the public;I wonder what happens at home.Smh

  • She didnt press charges?Why do women continually av disregard for their lives?Isnt she thinkn of her kids?So sad…..i blame d woman cuz in this times and age she ought to be smarter,she had better think and act fast cuz he ll be out in less than 2yrs,just hope their male child wont take after him.

  • What an animal he is. I don’t blame him really but the woman. I guess she enjoys the punches.

  • Animal..well is not his fault ..the woman enjoys bn beatin if not she would have reported

  • Serves him right. He is used to been punched and the man gets away with it which is the reason why the monster has the guts to punch her in public. The woman is so lucky that he was found and jailed because if not, he will punch her one day nd kill her

  • Love no b by force if he kill her he will marry another d stupid woman refuse to press charges until she dies mtchewww love my foot

  • He should be made to suffer for his actions. Some men can be ruthless! He couldn’t even hold himself to get home.

  • The man is an Animal, and 4 d woman who knows their agreement in d marriage

  • The woman is not serious. She want to die before seeking for help. If this happened in public place only God knows what she goes through in their home. I pray the kids will not follow their father’s bad example

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