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STUDY: Earning Low Income Affects Children’s Brains

STUDY: Earning Low Income Affects Children’s Brains

The American Register – According to a new research published by University of Southern California, poverty affects growth of children’s brain. Children who grow in affluent environment have bigger brains than the ones who live in poverty.

Researchers and neuroscientists have worked together to record the brain images of 1,099 kids and teens between the age 3 and 20 years. They examined the magnetic resonance imaging scans for three years. They measured the surface area of cerebral cortices that are outermost layers of brain and control sophisticated cognitive functions like language, reading skills, spatial and decision-making skills.

It was found that brains of children who earned less than $25,000 per year had 6 percent less surface area than the ones that earned $150,000 or more. Additionally they also found that children belonging to the poorest households scored lower on the battery of cognitive tests.


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