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Mum Marries Convicted Paedophile Husband And Devices ‘Grand’ Plan To Protect Her Daughters

Mum Marries Convicted Paedophile Husband And Devices ‘Grand’ Plan To Protect Her Daughters

A mum seems to be playing with fire by locking up two young sisters inside an alarmed bedroom at night to protect them from her paedophile husband.

According to the Mirror UK, the authorities have astonishingly given the go-ahead to the monstrous plan the mum dreamed up so she can sleep with their vile stepfather and social workers say it is OK. The convicted abuser, once jailed for attacking a girl under 13, has now been allowed to move in with her and the ­children – also both under 13.

And among other ‘safety’ factors believed to have been taken into account in a shocking official report was that the ­paedophile would have to climb over the mum from his side of the bed to get to the girls – and would therefore wake her up.

County council officials who rubber-stamped the decision were also happy that the imprisoned children could use a baby monitor to call for their mother if they needed to be let out to go to the toilet. They allowed the child abuser to move in only a few months after describing him as a “continuing risk” to the girls.

Details of the decision emerged after the children’s worried grandmother contacted the Sunday Mirror over her fears for their safety. She said: “The alarm and the other so-called precautions to stop my granddaughters being abused are a load of rubbish.

“Since learning my daughter’s new husband was a paedophile, I’ve tried to express my concerns to social ­services. I’m appalled this man was allowed to move into the family home with my granddaughters. Other family members also feel their concerns are being ignored. It feels like my granddaughters are isolated and at risk. Social services don’t seem to want to listen to me. It’s heartbreaking, but I have to keep fighting this for the sake of the girls.”

This situation is beyond belief given what we know about the propensity of the people who commit ­– and are convicted of these crimes – to re-offend. No parent and no authority should be allowed to take such a risk with these children’s safety by sanctioning this bizarre situation. This man should not be living in that house.

All the alarms, bells and whistles in the world can’t stop abuse. Children are children, and they WILL need to get up in the night, they will need the attention of their mother, and if there is a man living under their roof with that history, that conviction, those children will be in danger. If they are abused, which seems quite possible, who will bear the responsibility for that in the future? Certainly the mother will, but so will Devon County Council for sanctioning such a risky scenario.

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The use of a bedroom door alarm is crazy. This man is a sex offender who is banned from having any unsupervised conduct with any child aged under 16. This is a clear example of a mother abdicating her responsibilty for her children and that’s when society – the state, the local authority – are supposed to step in. An alarm on a child’s bedroom door to protect them from a paedophile living in their home sounds like the beginning of a satirical comedy sketch. But there is nothing funny about this situation.

This man is clearly a risk. The only way to guarantee the children’s safety is to remove him from the house.


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