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Teens Write: 3 Ways My Mum Rocks, 3 Ways She Doesn’t

Teens Write: 3 Ways My Mum Rocks, 3 Ways She Doesn’t

Take cues to developing a healthier relationship with your child as some share top three things that thrill them about their mum and three others they wish would get thrown out of the window.


-My mum is God-fearing and believes that God is first and ultimate. She always tries to instill the fear and love of God in us by leading by example.

-My mum is sociable. She is very supportive of her children and believes in building talents. She makes us go for different programmes each summer to build on our talents.

-I love her because she teaches her children appropriate values even if we do not always appreciate the effort.


-She is overprotective; she doesn’t give us enough freedom. I guess her being overprotective comes from being the first of eight children.

-She hates dirt very much and is always very hard on us when it comes to health issues. Because of this, we sometimes call her ‘Health Commissioner’.

-She’s a workaholic and therefore expects the same of us. She’s always giving us one task or the other to do and is never pleased when we fail to accomplish a task. She also believes that an elderly person can never be wrong. She speaks with her eyes and expects us to understand.


-My mother is a very positive person and has taught me not to worry about what others think or say about me as long as I’m doing the right thing.

-She is also very humble and has proved to me countless times that being humble and warmhearted can win more love than being full of yourself.

-My mum is a very loving and lovable person. She loves to the extent that she makes it so contagious; I have learnt to love others just by watching her.


-Being her only son, she’s very overprotective of me and even though I’m a teenager, she still treats me like her little baby, restricting my movement, and it totally pisses me off.

-She has a knack for repeating her instructions- these are things I already know but she keeps repeating them and it freaks me out.

-My mum is also very inquisitive and asks lots of questions sometimes just to get my attention but it annoys me especially when I’m in a bad mood and just want to be left alone.


-I’ve always known my mum as a kind hearted mother of five girls and a dedicated wife. I love the passion she puts into making sure everyone’s happy and healthy.

-She treats each of her kids equally.

-My mum is fun loving and outgoing but never forgets her strict upbringing which she has adopted in bringing us up.


My mum is too overprotective. She tells us that someday we’ll understand.

-She could spend hours on the phone without even knowing it! Anyway, my dad tells me it’s a normal thing for all women.

– She talks too loud when she’s angry.


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  • Lol….. Funny enough the 3 kids almost talk about the same weakness from mum with different strength. That means every mum think in d same direction even when they have different personality and background. Good one MIM. I have learnt my own lesson too.

  • For me these are natural characters of almost all mothers and like one of them said,they will understand when they grow up

  • I went through all the the negatives here, i use to think my mum is wicked. But now am a mum and i understand better. I have also started pissing my 8 year old up, cos i can see it on his face sometimes.

  • y do teens always complain abt their mums being over protecrive. ..

  • Hahaha…dats mothers for u, even as a married woman my mum is still overprotective whenever i visit her. Lol

  • Ha overprective the common word they all used when u re a mum hian or parent u will understand

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