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Business Ideas For Mums: Bead Making

Business Ideas For Mums: Bead Making

By Dayo Richard

Making and selling bead accessories could easily be a profitable venture as the financial entry requirement into this business is quite modest.

Beads are decorative accessories used by women to adorn themselves when dressed for grand occasions like weddings, anniversaries and other societal functions.

You know how most Nigerians or Africans like to look good. Well, this calls for a relatively good demand of this product.  They are also inexpensive and are good alternatives to gold and silver which may not agree with your skin.

Hope you will find these tips useful;

1. The first thing you need to do is learn how to make beads. Find a good tutor, a centre, or use youtube videos to learn this skill.

2. Practise and work within the convenience of your home.

3. You may need the following materials; beads, fishing line, hooks, hammer, scissors, wire, divider, plier, needles, gum, beading board and lots more. Find the cheapest sources for your raw materials.

4. Use social media like Facebook and Instagram to promote your business.

5. Showcase your work to people in your neighborhood, place of worship and at events for patronage or referral.

6. Wear your designs to complement your outfit. This is a good way to show them off.

7. With every successful venture in life, be passionate and committed.

The following are designs made out of beads….

bead rings


bead sandal


bead wrist watch


bead earings

bead flower vase

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necklace bead


handbag bead 2







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