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Mum Gives Birth On Her Own In Bath Tub After Mistaking Labour Pains For Fake Contractions

Mum Gives Birth On Her Own In Bath Tub After Mistaking Labour Pains For Fake Contractions

Kiva Mia Jackson thought her labour pains were fake contractions and decided to run a bath. She soon discovered her baby was about to pop and gave birth in the bath tub.

Manchester Evening reports:

The pregnant mum was home alone with her son, Tao-Kyron, when she started getting labour pains at around 8pm Sunday.

Kiva’s baby was not due for another week and she initially thought her stomach ache was another bout of Braxton Hicks contractions, yet when she tried to take a soothing bath, she realised her baby was making an early arrival. Unable to reach her phone, Kiva had no choice but to push and let nature take its course.

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Within 30 minutes of her first labour pains, she had given birth to baby girl, Rain Bow.

Kiva, 35, from Salford, said: “It all happened so quickly I can barely remember it. I had been getting Braxton Hicks throughout my pregnancy, which are just fake contractions, so I thought it was that again. I didn’t want to cause a fuss and bother the ambulance service so I just ran a bath. I thought the water would help with the pain, but when I went to get in I couldn’t sit down. When I put my hand down I could feel the baby’s head. My one-year-old was crying in the next room but by then I was already in the throws of labour. I just had to push until she came out.”

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The swift birth seemed to have shocked baby Rain Bow too, who had turned blue during the labour and failed to cry for the first few minutes of her life. With the umbilical cord still attached, Kiva then had to crawl to her bedroom where she had left her mobile phone to call an ambulance.

“I was so worried when she came out because she was blue and didn’t make a sound. I thought she might not make it but the call handler told me it was quite common for babies to go blue. As soon as the paramedics arrived they warmed her up with a dry towel and she was fine, i’d always wanted a girl so I was over the moon. She’s absolutely gorgeous,” Kiva said.

Kiva called her eldest son Logan, 14, to come home to meet his baby sister. I rang him and said: ‘You’ve got to come back, I’ve had the baby.’

Little Rain Bow weighed in at 6lbs 13oz.

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