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“I’ve been longing to have a baby since I was in SS3” – Rapper, Olamide Spills On Being A Dad & More

“I’ve been longing to have a baby since I was in SS3” – Rapper, Olamide Spills On Being A Dad & More

In a recent interview on ‘My Africa’ with Andre Blaze Henshaw, rapper and dad, Olamide, spilled on being a dad, his baby mama and more.

Read excerpts:

On growing up: I grew up knowing the ups and downs. My pops he didn’t really pay attention to the things he should have paid attention to. That’s why he had too many ups and downs back then; and because he was too bothered about so many people, and satisfying outsiders more than family. My pops used to spend for outsiders more than us back then so I think that really affected us in a way, like big time. Like when we were supposed to move out of the ghetto…even till now my pops built his house in the ghetto. I’ve been begging him like ‘Yo pops, let’s move out of Bariga’ but he just wants his people around.

On having a child: I’m very happy with the fact that I have a kid right now. I just can’t live that young and reckless ‘Mr. Man’ kind of life anymore (Laughs).

On fatherhood: It’s nice, it’s good. I wasn’t scared at all. I’ve been longing to have a baby since I was in SS3 but I wouldn’t want to have a baby that’s going to come to this world and suffer.

On choosing to have a child now: I think I’m good financially. I’m more mature and all that.

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On his relationship with his baby’s mother: We’re very cool. We’ve been cool from way back and we’ve been together for almost 5 years now. It’s not just some random chic that came around from nowhere. That’s just it.

On marrying his baby’s mother: That’s a question that is very hard to answer because Olamide is not God. Only God knows tomorrow.

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  • Then why didn’t you marry early instead of baby mama giving birth for you before marriage. Hmmm!

  • Then get married. Having kids outside marriage is an act of recklessness and irresponsibility.

  • When ladies have so cheapened themselves, that they’re willing to have babies for different celebrities just for cash. What happens to decency? SMH.

  • I didn’t know my baby had a babymama oo.WTF.Am crying already.When I see Olamide I see a man not with his ghetto face oo

  • 1When u were sleeping with her n impregnating her u didn’t ask God now u don’t know tomorrow cos ur not God when it comes to marrying her mtchewww Na d gal I blame

  • Can’t we copy the good part of the western culture and leave the bad? All these baby mama here, baby mama there, it’s quite a shame. Unfortunately for the ‘baby mamas’, our Constitution does not favor all these arrangements outside of marriage. To be a great father you must start by putting a ring on her finger! A word is enough for the wise.

  • So y nt marr and ve ur children are u too young to marry? Only God knws ko only God knws ni

  • Longing to have a baby… bla bla and you won’t get married. Anyways i blame all the girls that enjoys being baby mama.

  • The way he answered that question,it’s as if he doesn’t even want to marry his baby mama ever

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