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Dear MIM Readers: Should I run away with my kids to teach my cheating husband a lesson?

Dear MIM Readers: Should I run away with my kids to teach my cheating husband a lesson?

I need your advice on how to deal with a cheating husband. We’ve been married for 12 years with 3 beautiful children but for the past 4 years, my marriage has been a living hell as my husband has been seen cheating with different women. Last time, I told him that I want a divorce so that we can part ways but he was here with his relatives pleading and crying like a baby for me to forgive him. I forgave him because I love him and for the forsake of our children. But it seems he’s not ready to change.

Three days ago, I found naked photos of his girlfriend on his phone (sometime we exchange phones). I confronted him but he couldn’t say anything as he was so shocked. Later, he admitted a girl sent him those pics and I think he forgot to delete them. This has gone too far and I’m confused as I don’t know what to do anymore. I know I can’t change him but he can decide to change.

My question is should I run away with my children without telling him or how should I deal with him in a way he will never forget? I can’t cheat on him like he is doing because I’m a christian and I’m tired of elders and pastors sitting us down for counselling. And believe me, I’ve been a good and very supportive who has sacrificed so much just to make my marriage work.

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  • Tomorrow someone will say don’t go through your man’s phone. Others would say pray. I won’t tell you to leave him and as you rightly said , you can’t change him. True. You can only react in your own way. Ho

  • Sorry for the incomplete one above. However you can take a long break. Take the kids, go to your parents. Stay with them for few weeks. Don’t pick his calls. Dont reveal your whereabout. Until when you feel you ve sent a message down his senses then you pick and tell him you are not returning home until he changes for good. see what he will do then return home when you are satisfied.

  • Hnmmmm I won’t say pray oh cause I know sm1 in ds kinda situation can’t even pray. Why do sm men misbehave n yet de so called pastors won’t caution n tel him he’s comitting adultery? Bt if na woman nw na divorce tins. My dear for ur own peace of mind u can shift so he will knw ur value n cm to terms dat he’s comitting adultery, infact am short of words. Na u wey wear shoe sef kw hw e dey pain u so advice urself

  • There are 2 conditions in marriage l can’t advise a woman to endure-an abusive man and an adulterer.Both of which can kill you before ur time(he either beats u to death or infect u with a deadly decease).I would advise a legal separation instead of divorce with u taking custody of ur kids.Just get away from him for a while

  • But why are some men like that? You are blessed with a good wife and kids, what else do you want? #justwondering#

  • My dear what makes you feel running away with the kids will be a good lesson? He is a cheat and you have to accept that reality that whatever you do to him in the energy of the flesh will be able to change him. So pray , pray and pray! The Holy Spirit is the only one who changes a man and convince him/her of sins so don’t do anything by your power and might cos it will end in frutilty.

  • Run away with the kids. Wait till they re on holiday. Tell them you are going for a vacation. Switch off your phones

  • Just pray and believe in God. Running away will do u no good. Instead of running away, go on ur knees, pray and fast. The God of Marriage will change ur husband and make ur home sweet again. 98% of married women pass thru same pain…its only God who can change him.

  • yes let him search for u to d ends of d earth.give him a anytn u think would bring him to his senses

  • The first thing that crosses my mind anytime i hear about infidelity is STD!!!!! I can’t aloow anybody to end my life in the name of marriage.

  • U both should sit ad talk,mak him understand u need some space fr some time for him to decide de kind of life he wants to live.either a good hubby or a cheating one.tell him u ar nt separating fr now bt u want to go somewher ad relax wit ur kids away frm his numerous galfrnds.I pray u have a happy family afterwards

  • All these things women go thru all in the name of marriage…what if he gives you HIV..who will tk care of ur kids? I say tk your kids and leave! hiss

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