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GRAPHIC: See What Neighbour Allegedly Did to Nursing Mum During A Row

GRAPHIC: See What Neighbour Allegedly Did to Nursing Mum During A Row

A woman in Lagos identified as Esther Williams has been arrested by the Isheri division of the Lagos State Police Command for severely scalding her neighbour, Mabel Enwongomfon–Umoh, a nursing mother, with hot water during a row.

According to Punch, Williams, said to be in her late 30s, was said to have emptied a bucket of hot water on Mabel after they had a minor argument in their rented house on Thursday, December 24, 2015, around 8pm.

The incident has left Mabel, still nursing her two-month-old baby, with severe burns on many parts of her body, including her two breasts and abdomen, making her unable to continue breastfeeding.

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Her husband who identified himself simply as Umoh said Williams attempted to escape after assaulting his wife, but he was able to apprehend and hand her over to the police.

Mabel, 27, writhing in pains on the hospital bed said a fight between some of her co-tenants in front of her room led to the incident, adding that Williams, who poured the water on her, had nothing to do with the quarrel. She said,

“My neighbour’s brother and his girlfriend were fighting and they pushed themselves to the front of my door. When I could not cope with the disturbance again, I went outside to call the guy’s sister to come and separate them or make them leave our entrance.

As I was going back to my room, Williams, who had nothing with the fight, asked why I called the sister, saying I was interfering in something that did not concern me. I told her that they were fighting in front of my room, but she pushed me. I was surprised because we never had a quarrel before then.

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That was how we started shouting on each other.”

She recalled that it was the noise from the fight that drew the attention of her husband who was in the room with their two children. She said her husband came out to separate them and they were already going back to their apartment when Mabel ran into her room to carry the bucket of water and poured it on her. She said,

“I was in the front while my husband was behind me. Suddenly, she went into her room and came out with a bucket and poured the content on me. I have been in serious pain since then, and I have not been able to breastfeed my two-month-old baby, who is my second child.”

A police source said Williams has confessed to the crime, blaming the devil and would be charged to court soon.

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  • Devil ko, Angel Ni! What led to pouring water? She should answer that question while serving 14years in prison! Rubbish…….

  • Jeeeez this is bad. How can you scald someone just because you guys are having a fight? Na wa oh. God please help us oh.

  • I don’t believe in jail but believe in eye for an eye tooth for tooth let culprit be poured dat same Bucket of hot water if possible let it be as hot as anyone can imagine pour her on every part dat she poured d other woman so dat both of d will feel d same pain. Rubbish

  • Haha! Some women can be very wicked o. She didn’t even think twice before bathing her neighbour with hot water. This one won’t blink before murdering someone o

  • She didn’t pour her hot water cos of that little quarrel, she must be haboring something against her and got an opportunity to carry out her plans, wickedness.

  • dats y i hate all dese face me i slap u life oo.dis isnt abt anger its about beefing.she has jisy bn lookin for an opportunity to carry dis out n wen she dint find she created one

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