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Mum Who Bought 15-Year-Old Daughter Waist Trainer to Wear to School Defends Her Decision

Mum Who Bought 15-Year-Old Daughter Waist Trainer to Wear to School Defends Her Decision

A 48-year-old British mum, Karen Green, who bought her 15-year-old daughter a waist trainer to wear under her school uniform to school has defended her actions, saying she would have bought herself one whether she was involved or not.

According to DailyMail, she bought the waist trainer for her Kylie-Jenner-lookalike daughter, Tilly, who is a size six to eight, last Christmas, and the now 16-year-old teenager has since upgraded to a new model.

Tilly said:

‘I love my waist trainer. It’s helped me define my figure and given me confidence. Lots of my friends use it and we’ve seen the results Kylie Jenner and her sisters have achieved.

People think you are not mature at 15 but I am and I’m glad my mum is aware of what I wanted and got it for me.

I can’t tell you how many girls I know from schools around here use waist trainers under their uniform. It’s the new trend and I think my friends are in awe I can tell my mum about it.’

Defending her decision, her mum said:

‘Tilly told me 18 months ago that she wanted one. She follows the Kardashians and other celebrities who have been promoting their use.

I did my research and while I wasn’t totally sure I approved of a growing teen having a device which potentially might restrict bone development and growth I knew if I didn’t buy it for her she’d get it herself.

Every day underneath her school uniform she has it on and says it helps give her a better shape in her school blazer, has increased her confidence and when she is out.

The Kardashians are followed by her friends and her. Everything they do Tilly and her friends do as well and Kylie is the Kardashian/Jenner teen who seems to be having the biggest influence on my teen…Tilly likes to try all the latest Kylie trends. She is also a Kendal fan and like any mum I find myself battling her desire to look all grown up with being just 16…

Like most teens she is constantly on a diet. She’s told me that her waist trainer is great because not only does it give her a curvy shape it acts like an external gastric band, not that she needs one. According to her the trainer makes her feel full faster.

Tilly, who loves working out in the gym, says just like the Kardashian/Jenner girls she is doing specific exercises and work outs to give her a more toned butt and overall look and so the waist trainer comes into play and it’s got her results.

I may not totally approve but at least I am aware. She tells me it’s never too early to start and I am glad she isn’t a coach potato…

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I figure if I know what’s going on and what she is doing I can keep her from over dieting or over exercising and let her have fun with some part-time modelling.

Tilly also knows that her studies come first. She has plans to go to university and hopes to part fund that by modelling and Kylie Jenner look alike work. I am proud of that.

I am not oversexualising my daughter but I am keeping a close eye on her. She sees what Kylie and Kendall do and they are teen icons so its natural she wants to do the same thing.

I imagine some mums and adults will criticise me for letting her use a waist trainer but the fact is kids will be kids. I am proud of my daughter’s work ethic and desire to have a career.

She puts a great deal of care into the way she dresses – it’s my job and our job as mums to simply try and ensure our kids are safe and having fun.’

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