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Family Feud: All the Scoop About the Drama Between Peter Okoye & His Brothers

Family Feud: All the Scoop About the Drama Between Peter Okoye & His Brothers

PSquare have been managed by their older brother Jude Okoye for as long as a lot of us can remember. Two nights ago, however, Peter Okoye took to twitter to call out his brother over alleged poor managerial skills, especially in the past four years.

According to him, PSquare needs a new management team.

Peter, in a series of tweets, used several hashtags to buttress his point including #NoMoreFamilyBusiness, #psquareforever, #NoBeByForce, #enough.

On his decision to take the matter up on social media, he tweeted,

Peter also assured his fans that he does not “have a problem with Paul but the management”. “Peter and Paul has the right to sack the entire management team. Business is Business. #Period,” he tweeted.

Following Peter’s uproar, Jude posted a couple of tweets regarding the issue, saying that his brother needs “prayers”. His response was incited when a twitter account “subdeliveryman” tagged him in a tweet by his brother calling him an attachment.

It did not end there. Peter responded to his Jude’s statement claiming indignantly that if he (Peter) needed prayers then Jude needs God himself.

Peter also discarding claims that Jude made great sacrifices for Psquare.

In all this, Peter kept reinstating that he would continue to stand by his brother and the feud was not between the two of them. But surprisingly, Paul Okoye, Peter’s twin, shaded his brother on Instagram with a photo replacing him with a studio. He also added a comment expressing how he felt about the whole drama.

Peter was obviously disappointed with his brother’s decision to continue with Jude as his manager and doesn’t mince words expressing it.

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Well, it appeared Peter’s mind was already made up and he only needed his brother to come onboard until…

…he apologized.

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  • There’s no family that’s drama free, they should learn to keep their differences within the family and handle it like matured adults. You don’t put everything on social media cos at the end of the day, families have each others back. #Familyiseverything.

  • This is really sad.Info has it that this is all because Jude didn’t and still doesn’t support Peter’s choice of a wife(who is Yoruba and older than him)so he(Jude) disrespects Lola which doesn’t go down well with Peter.Paul is with Jude.Hope they resolve this before it goes out of hand

  • According to their write ups they are not having issues within them rather,with d management of their organization

  • Family feud can always be settled indoors nau! Celebrities and their insatiable desire to make headlines all the time whether in good, bad or ugly situations. Smh.

  • This time Nigeria didn’t not take them too serious,all this family feud just for publicity stunt,the last feud ordinary quarrel made them rich

  • That’s us Ibos, we can’t manage family business& unfortunately that’s an area the Yorubas have excelled so well& have remained the ‘springboard’ of Nigeria’s economy! I can’t remember any day we have heard or read about the Folawiyos, the Johnsons, the Okoyas, the Rotimi Williams, have allowed their family issues to become ‘public property’! If there are, then they’re very few instances& they did not allow it to go out of hand! Of course family business issues is inevitable, but managing it so that it does not ruin the family ties. On this, we deserve to give Yorubas thumbs up& Ibos a big minus!!!

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