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Fathers-To-Be: What To Do When Your Wife Goes Into Labour

Fathers-To-Be: What To Do When Your Wife Goes Into Labour

Childbirth comes with a lot of mixed emotions of excitement and fear. Pregnant women need to be supported by their husbands or baby daddies during pregnancy and most especially when they begin to show first signs of labor.
This can be frightening for the man especially if he has no clue on what to do. Here are a few tips on what men can do when their wives go into labor…
  • Ensure her hospital bag is ready and handy way before her due date.
  • Keep the numbers of your wife’s doctor or hospital on speed dial.
  • Give her doctors or hospital a call as soon as her water breaks.
  • During early labor, encourage mum-to-be to rest for as long as possible, especially if labor is overnight. During the day or if she can’t rest overnight, encourage her to change positions often, preferably in upright positions.
  • Tell her she’s doing great!
  • Time a few contractions, keeping a record, but don’t get caught up in it. She needs you, and stressing over how long contractions are can keep mum distracted too.
  • Help her to relax by offering a massage or placing pressure on her hips or lower back (most labouring women prefer this to massage, especially as it intensifies).
  • If she has lower back pain, use a heat back on her lower back and press in firmly. Help her find comfortable positions.
  • Also take care of yourself by finding time to eat and rest. You need to be fine to be there for her as the next days would be very demanding.
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