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Gideon Yobo & Wife, Blessing, Share on Son’s Miracle Birth

Gideon Yobo & Wife, Blessing, Share on Son’s Miracle Birth

Gideon Yobo, the younger brother of footballer, Joseph Yobo, and his wife, Blessing, who got married in June, 2015 in Liverpool, share on their first child, Caleb’s miracle birth.

Blessing, 23, had been diagnosed of Lupus, an incurable illness affecting the immune system and was advised not to get pregnant as it might endanger her health.

Despite warning, she got pregnant and when her pregnancy was 10 weeks old, she was admitted to the hospital.

She was advised by her doctor in the UK to get rid of the pregnancy as the baby would not survive beyond 14 weeks.

”The doctors suggested we should think of stopping the pregnancy, but we both decided beforehand that whatever happens, whatever the risks, we would carry on. We just knew it would not end up in disaster and put our trust in God. Everyone was shocked when she got to 20 weeks, and then we just carried on,” Gideon revealed in an interview with Telegraph & Argus.

Doctors at the BRI monitored Blessing very closely throughout her pregnancy, and despite periods where they admitted she had been ”very ill”, she was successfully induced at 37 weeks.

Gideon added,

”When Caleb was born, everything was just perfect. They did tests on him, some of them, three or four times, and the doctors couldn`t believe he had come out fine. Some people would have given up, but we were determined not to. We held on to our faith and beliefs and followed our gut instinct. She is doing fine, and Caleb is just fantastic. We registered him the other day and the medical records are flawless, everything is Ok. I always knew he would be a Miracle baby, and that`s what the doctors said he was. They said they could not believe our determination and belief, but Caleb just shows that miracles do happen.”

The Projects manager at the Essex-based charity, an NGO dedicated to the research of Lupus said,

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”The risks for complications during the pregnancy, such as a miscarriage, are real. If the Lupus is active, there is an increased chance of a flare-up during pregnancy, which can lead to foetal loss and the mother risking her own health. We would advise people not to get pregnant until their Lupus is under control.

We would not advise high-risk pregnancies with active Lupus, as having a healthy mum and baby is definitely against the odds, especially for someone with kidney problems. But stories like this do happen, and they are wonderful to hear.”

Gideon revealed his wife is now making a full recovery at home.


Congratulations to them.

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