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6 Inappropriate Things Your Child Probably Does

6 Inappropriate Things Your Child Probably Does

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Often times, children act impulsively, and because they are still learning why some things should not be done at all or in some places/instances, the onus lies on you to spot inappropriate habits or behaviours promptly, and ultimately, guide them to act suitably.

Find 6 inappropriate habits or behaviours kids are given to.

1. Boys And Their Weenies!

Many parents will remember the days when they have had to caution Junior by sternly telling him to ‘Take your hand out of that place.’ It’s like an instinct, even up until they grow. Before you finish reading this, several hundreds of boys’ hands around the world will be making their mindless way towards their crotch for the umpteenth time.

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2. Tasty Boogers

Sometimes, they’re dry and crunchy. Other times, they are wet and pasty or a blend of both worlds. They don’t exactly look palatable, still, kids keep digging in their nostrils for the phlegmy substance only to have a taste or eat it altogether. Eew! I do remember the salty taste from my childhood days though.

3. Sexy Games

Chances are high that your child might be learning sexual games from siblings, mates or some older individuals. See a mother’s experience as posted on buzzfeed;

“My daughter yanked up my blouse when she was 4 and yelled, ‘peek a boob!’ I still don’t know where she learnt that from.”

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4. Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

Exposing and exploring body parts is a natural phase but it becomes inappropriate when done with the usual and usual suspects (siblings, mates, older kids or adults.)

5. Experimenting

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This happens when kids are still quite young and when they enter their pre-teen and teen ages. It could be eating inedible stuff, drugs, sex or driving real fast, they just want to push the limit. Make sure your rapport with them is good so they can let you in on what they’re doing or better yet, planning to do.

6. Tell It Like It Is!

According to author Betsy Brown Braun, “Your kids are simply flexing their look-what-I-noticed muscles” when they make loud and embarrassing comments about physically challenged, advanced or over-endowed people. They don’t mean to be…well, mean, still, they need some cautioning.

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It’s worthy to note that kids do what they constantly see you, or anyone for that matter, do. Be rest assured that they’ll be exhibiting such behaviours unannounced. A mother shared this on buzzfeed,

“…getting ready to leave a birthday party we went up to the mother of the birthday child to thank her for inviting us. My 2-year-old son slapped her butt and said, ‘Thanks for the cake, babe.’ That’s how his father thanks me for dinner and apparently he thought it was just how you thank people for food.”

Left uncontrolled, these seemingly harmless things they do could become die-hard bad habits and compromise their values. Be alert and nip them in the bud!

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