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Popular Actress Laide Bakare Slammed for Gushing about Her $1000 Nails

Popular Actress Laide Bakare Slammed for Gushing about Her $1000 Nails

Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare has come under fire from fans for flaunting her wealth on Instagram.

The mother-of-three took to her Instagram page to gush about a photo of the new expensive nails she just fixed and captioned ‘Feeling my $1000 nails like never b4’. 

Check out her supposedly $1000 = N200k nails (bank rate), about N320k black market rate.


As expected, internet trolls immediately began to call her out for flaunting her expensive nails, with fans asking her when last she donated anything to charity.

See fans comments after the cut…

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  • Well I am not trying to throw shades but that is one ugly ass nails lool. It’s her money and she can do as she pleases but this nails ain’t it at all. Plus she should have used that money to make her hands fresher nah lol.

    • Hian what has prostitution got to with fixing of nails? Na wa oh. Take it easy on her oh unless you know her personally to know she’s one then no biggie but if it’s because of the nails then you are way out of line. I fix my nails too steady, does that make me a prostitute too? Kai Nigerians

  • Hehehe $1,000 because they are made of gold and diamonds.Mtcheeew

  • See, small pikin born without anus need that money as part requirements for his surgery, you no go donate, na to waste money on silly things… Mmtchwwww..

  • I think people should just let her be. Nigerians adore foreign celebrities with their outrageous jacket and so on. If she decides to show off with nails, na her biz

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