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Sisters Kidnap Biological Mum | Demand N2.5 Million Ransom From Older Brother

Sisters Kidnap Biological Mum | Demand N2.5 Million Ransom From Older Brother

Two sisters identified as Onyinyechi and Akunna Achime were paraded by the police in Enugu for scheming their mother’s kidnap for a ransom of  N2.5 million from their Lagos-based older brother.

According to New Telegraph, the sisters had enlisted the help of a male friend, Monday Egbe, who was also paraded, to abduct the woman identified as Mrs. Hannah Achime.

The state Police Commissioner, Emmanuel Ojukwu, revealed,

“Monday Egbe, aged 30 years, was arrested and he confessed how two of the victim’s daughters, Onyinyechi Achime and Akunna Achime, invited him to the business to enable them to collect money from their elder brother, Mr. Eric Achime, based in Lagos.

Ransom of N2.5 million was demanded, while N500,000 was agreed to be paid.”

The sisters have now claimed the kidnap was a desperate bid to raise money for their mother’s eye treatment as their brother had refused to help despite several pleas. One of them said,

“The eye problem became so much and we had no option; we decided to do that in order to raise money. We took her to a hotel at the Camp and paid for a room there. I brought my friend and he helped us in arranging the kidnap.

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He was the one calling our brother, but he refused to bring money; he said the kidnappers can eat her if they liked. We did not hurt her at all; it was all for our mum’s good, though we did not tell her.

She got to know later, and she has been begging the police to drop the case. As we speak, her medical condition is even getting worse.”

Photo credit: New Telegraph

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  • In their fish brains kidnapping was the only way to get money from the brother not that it even worked. They can’t even lie. Mtcheeew

  • I didn’t see any statement from the mom so we can know if they are saying the truth or not. The mom should confirm if she really has eye problem. But kidnapping your own mom is a very desperate move oh hmmmmmmm.

  • hmmmmmmnnnn.if you ask who i go ask the matter wey we see sooo

  • If it’s true,i pray God help them out of the problem.buh if nt,let d law take its cause which s death.

  • Is dis the truth sha? Anyway they shouldn’t have taken such a dangerous move. What if their mother had died in d process.

  • Hmmm… So thats all they could come up with so as to get money from their brother? Assuming their story is true, then they should have taught about the psychological effect of such action on their mom atleast.

  • What is wrong with this world ?daughter kidnapping her mom for ransom na wa ooh

  • it’s horrible story to tell. How can a feminine folk nurture such evil plans in their hearts in the name of getting money from their elder brother and carried the act out by panicking that old woman. what if they don’t have the brother can’t they take care of the mother. Let them face the music for even remembering it

  • Hmmmm…….It got so bad that the only option to get money from their brother is to kidnap their own mother, Odikwa egwu

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