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These Lavish Traditional Wedding Photos Have Got People Talking!

These Lavish Traditional Wedding Photos Have Got People Talking!

A couple in Imo State had a lot of money sprayed on them on their traditional wedding day.

The photos of the traditional wedding which reportedly took place in Isioziakah in Njaba LGA of Imo State, have gone viral.

The lavish wedding photos were posted by the bride (nekilicious1) on her social media pages.

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Photo credit: nekilicious1/Instagram

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  • Hmm, no b hard earned money na y he waste am. There are several ways of showing off your wealth during such occasions than this. SMH

  • I have seen this pictures everywhere on social media since morning, someone even went as far as posting the video where money was raining from the tree they were dancing under. From a close range, all i can see is 100 and 200 naira denominations……what’s the biggie??? The way people were making noise, calling the guy and his friends ritualists, i even thought it was hard currencies. This isn’t abnormal, i have attended a wedding where hard currencies were sprayed in abundance. If you do for others, there will be a massive turn out on your own day.

    • U r so correct, d first thing I did was to check d denomination, if 10 friends spray 10,000 each , live d cash unpacked it will amount to this. Believe me dis money I’m seeing is not close to 100k. I tire for us jare

  • Hmmmmmmmm I hope they are not preparing her for rituals? Lol just kidding. But this looks like blood money or yahoo yahoo money lol.

  • Make them do small small in this oga sai baba’s tenure showing small wealth can get your locked up up lolzzz (kidding)

  • Weather 100 or 200 its still big money. I smell jealousy. As na igbo e became blood money e kwa. Ok, odinma. Nne nekelicious enjoy oo. Osinachi!!

  • I saw dis post earlier on fb and dint think it was for real. Na waoh.

  • One nids 2 b careful.denomination or nt der re ritualists everywhere nw.dis cn be 1 of dem.God help us all.

  • Before u say jack efcc go say nah nigeria stolen money, trace d bank acct put Dem on house arrest even if its there hard earn money,pple sud leave Dem dts d way dey want their trad wedding to be,so b it.

  • Those of you saying is 100 nd 200 notes say the money no pass 100k,well how many of ur friends can spray you 10,000 each on ur wedding day?,Abeg just appreciate beta tin

  • This money is more that 100k a bundle of 100s is 50k, bundle of 200s is 100k and i saw monry than 5 different guys with bundles of new notes, so lets say the 5 guys alll had 1 bundle of 100s each that is 250k and 500k if the y are 200s. odiegwu

  • Whatever motive they have,ritual ooo,expressing joy ooo,showing off ooo,beyond the present is what matters.kudos to them.

  • Its real dollar,she really deserves it,they v bin 2gda since her year 1….

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