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Stay At Home Mums: 5 Profitable Business Skills to Explore

Stay At Home Mums: 5 Profitable Business Skills to Explore

Eyinade Eweje

If you are a stay at home mum and looking for ways to boost your family’s income during this current economic recession, acquiring new skills or putting previously acquired ones to good use will offer your family some financial stress relief.

Find 5 simple but profitable skills you can explore to put some more money in your pocket.

1. Baking. Are you a pro at baking really yummy pieces? From cupcakes, sponge cakes to different kinds of snacks, put your baking skills to good use by baking for friends, family and church events. You can start by baking tasty and attractive birthday cakes. Take photos of your products to show others when you get the chance and ask your family and friends to spread the word.

You can reach even more potential clients by marketing your products via your social media accounts.

2. Makeover. With the increasing demand for variety of beauty looks for different occasions, a massive number of makeup artistes, including budding, unpopular ones, are constantly smiling to the bank. If makeup interests you, learning this skill is very well worth the effort and may equally get you smiling to the bank in earnest.

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3. Hair Styling. Without any form of training whatsoever, you would think some women were professional hair stylists with their level of expertise at make others’ hair and even theirs by sitting in front of a mirror. So, how about stopping the never ending freebies that burn you out most days and starting a small salon to braid and fix weave-ons? You can use the corridor of your home for a start.

4. Babysitting. If you are very experienced at caring for children or just being around them, take advantage of it. You can work from home, offering babysitting services to a few working mums in your neighbourhood, for a start. You may ultimately birth a daycare centre.

Note that if you have a baby or toddler yourself, babysitting other kids may be a challenge.

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5. Beadmaking. Women love jewellery and often can’t resist buying lovely new pieces. If you previously acquired this skill, now is the time to start making eye-catching, durable and affordable pieces to sell. Market your products to friends and family as well as on social media, and with time, you’d be surprised at the number of orders you get.

As with any new venture, success will not come overnight. Be diligent and give whatever you decide to do time to grow.

Have other lucrative ideas? Share with other mums below.

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