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5 Common Habits That Will Make You Age

5 Common Habits That Will Make You Age

Eyinade Eweje

Most women try all they can to look radiant, elegant and youthful. However, some often overlooked habits besides smoking and excessive alcohol consumption may sabotage the expected results of your consistent beauty routine and make you age quicker.

Find 5 of such habits below.

1. Crash Dieting. In a desperate bid to lose weight quickly, some women often resort to a crash diet. Besides the fact that losing weight this way does not offer a long-term solution, it can reduce your energy level as well as cause skin wrinkles and sagging as the skin loses its elasticity. Always opt for a regimen that allows gradual weight loss – not more than a pound or two weekly.

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2. Too little sleep. You should get an average of seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Getting little or no sleep for whatever reason constantly will compromise your radiant appearance and cause dark bags under your eyes.

Note that while getting your beauty sleep, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach or on your side with your face smashed into the pillow as these can create wrinkles and promote aging. You may invest in satin pillows cases and try to sleep on your back.

3. Stepping outdoors without sunscreen. Some women don’t really see the use of slathering sunscreen on their skin. Like smoking and excessive alcohol intake, constant sun exposure promotes premature aging.

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Even when it’s cloudy, ultraviolet rays are present, so, protect your skin before stepping outdoors by opting for a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 for everyday use.

4. Failing to manage stress. Always ignoring when you feel an overwhelming need to take a break from the constant pressure of work, keeping the home front and other stressors in your life will take its toll on your health and overall appearance overtime. You should never be too busy to create fun ways to unwind regularly as accumulated stress causes the release of free radicals that damage body cells and promote aging.

Manage stress effectively to maintain your youthful glow!

5. Junk foods. Your body needs a variety of healthy foods to supply needed nutrients to your body cells to prevent damage and get them replenished. So, if all you do is constantly deprive yourself of wholesome foods and feed on junk or fast foods, your sweet tooth will not only add some extra pounds to your weight, it may also add some extra years to your face overtime.

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