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TTC Mums: 6 Things You Should Do While Waiting to Conceive

TTC Mums: 6 Things You Should Do While Waiting to Conceive

Trying for a baby to no avail comes with lots of anxiety which often leaves waiting mums emotionally drained and overwhelmed. However, it is important to stay positive and constantly try letting go of the usual gloomy feeling as it may jeopardize your efforts.

To foster your baby-making goal, find 6 things you should do while waiting to conceive…

1. Rule out underlying conditions. If you’re over 25 and have been trying for a year to no avail, you should get help. You and your spouse should see a fertility expert or gynaecologist for thorough evaluation. This may include screenings for STDs and other infections and semen analysis. Getting evaluated for nutritional deficiencies may also help to enable your doctor recommend appropriate supplements to boost your fertility.

In women, some conditions including PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, thyroid disorders, among others may be responsible for infertility. Have your doctor rule out these.

Seek a second opinion to be sure of whatever diagnosis you and your spouse get and explore other possible or perhaps better treatment options.

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2. Healthy lifestyle choices. From eating a wholesome and balanced diet, exercising regularly, getting adequate sleep, managing stress, maintaining a healthy weight to expelling habits like smoking as well as alcohol and excessive caffeine consumption, adopting healthy lifestyle choices will boost your fertility significantly and may bring desired results in earnest. Note that doing these apply to both you and your spouse.

3. Explore your interests. There’s no better time to indulge in activities you love or take up a new hobby as this will help keep you busy and relieve some of your anxiety, making you feel happier.

Hang out with your friends, see a new movie, attend events, go shopping, plan a fun date or mini-vacay with hubby, and so on. Doing whatever makes you happy and keeps your mind off your worries really helps boost your chances of conceiving during your next cycle.

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4. Let out the steam. Don’t keep those negative feelings bottled up. Cry when you feel the overwhelming need to and share your worries with your spouse and close friends. Their plenty hugs and words of encouragement will do you a world of good. Meanwhile, see if having one of your siblings’ kids stay with you and caring for him or her makes you feel better. You may also volunteer to care for other kids in your place of worship by joining the children’s section.

5. Re-ignite the spark in your sex life. Sex often becomes a baby-making routine for most TTC couples and this drains out all the fun. Devise exciting ways to keep your sex life hot and who knows? The next round may just do the magic you have long been anticipating.

Get useful tips on keeping your sex life interesting while trying to conceive here and here.

6. Stay positive. Try to fill your mind with positive thoughts even if it seems you’re not making any progress. Adhere to your doctor’s advice or prescriptions, if any, and you’ll be surprised to get that positive pregnancy test result when you least expected.

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