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Inspiring! See How Once Homeless Teenager Made The Best Of His Situation

Inspiring! See How Once Homeless Teenager Made The Best Of His Situation

Liyjon DeSilva, a 20-year-old American student who was homeless after his mother’s death, has graduated top of his high school class and won a full college scholarship, Daily Mail reports.

DeSilva’s mother died when he was just five years old, and after years of living with different relatives, he found himself homeless as a teenager, sleeping in parks and on buses.

The 20-year-old said, “It was either be that or a low life. I could have thrown everything away. I have a chance, why not just keep going?”

He continued, “I wanted clothes. I wanted to be able to live like a normal kid, you know. I wanted to eat like a normal kid. I slept at parks. I love sleeping in parking lots because I could see the stars, the sky. There was one where I could see the horizon of the city. I slept at pools. Those were cool.”

“I don’t like to refer to it as bad or that it was terrible because I learned a lot. I learned a lot of survival skills. Life became a bit easier.”

Despite being homeless for three years, Liyjon attended school regularly and topped his class, sources say. Later, a staff from his high school, Margaret Long Wisdom High School, Texas, USA, observed that he was homeless and decided to assist the young man.

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Jonathan N. Trinh, principal of the high school, was shocked to discover that one of his top students was homeless. He maintained that in his 23-year career, DeSilva stands out as naturally gifted and among the top 5% of students.

According to reports, Liyjon graduated top of his class this year and has a full scholarship to Carleton College in Minnesota, USA.

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