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5 Early Signs Your Child May Be Academically Gifted

5 Early Signs Your Child May Be Academically Gifted

Eyinade Eweje

A lot of children have unique gifts or abilities which if spotted early and properly harnessed may take them places their parents never imagined. For some, it’s their exceptional academic ability. However, these children may fail to attain their optimum potential if their parents miss early signs of giftedness.

Find 5 early signs your child may be academically gifted…

1. He writes and reads earlier than his peers. Though reading and writing at an early age can be influenced by how much time you invest into teaching your child before and after he starts school, some children show very impressive writing and reading schools with little teaching efforts. They learn their letters and numbers way faster than their peers, learn how to write them correctly in little time.

They also usually display early signs of reading such as holding books correctly, decoding storyline or themes via picture illustrations and reading from left to right across the page. Have them practise reading and writing more often in order to keep honing their skills.

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2. Remarkable Memory. Your child may also be gifted if he seems to always recall information, sights, songs, rhymes, and so on, even very long afterwards, to the tiniest detail. These may be things older kids and even you have difficulty remembering. He is also able to draw associations between things you previously pointed out to or told him about and similar items when he spots them by pointing them out to you, explaining the rationale behind his assessment. He may also tend to show keen interest in observing or studying things that do not catch your attention or his peers’ and ask lots of questions which you find often test your knowledge basis and gets you to always have you’re A-game on.

They also provide very alert and rapid answers to questions when asked.

3. Shows interest in a variety of activities and displays impeccable skills in all. Exceptional children are usually very inquisitive and enthusiastic about trying out a large variety of activities. They also keep discovering fresh interests, and thanks to their rapid learning ability, with necessary grooming and encouragement, they often keep showing amazing skills in all.

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4. Shows impressive talent in music or art. Children who display impressive skills in music or art are said to be usually very intelligent. For instance, is your 5-year-old very skilled at the piano and plays music from memory? Does your child draw sketches or portraits that constantly leave amazed? These may be signs he will be very good at school.

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5. Shows high reasoning, creative and problem-solving skills. Your child is probably gifted if he is the brain behind all his peers interesting creative play activities, always the one to suggest a solution when a problem arises and generally displays more common sense than his peers and even older children.

They also tend to make unusual associations between remote ideas and have an impressively large vocabulary for their age.

Pay closer attention to your child in order to spot these signs. Note that it’s important for such children to be allowed to explore their interests and environment as much as they want. Fuel their curiosity and expose them to more advanced learning activities. They should also be enrolled at schools that will aid their rapid learning pace and expose them to a wide variety of advanced learning activities.

In addition, parents should provide structures that encourage regular individual learning and evaluation, such as private study time, a library filled with a wide variety learning resources, exposure to libraries outside home, seasoned private tutor(s), access to the internet for regular research or study, and so on. You may talk to an educational expert for further advice if your child displays all or most of these signs.

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