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Horror! Two Brothers Commit Murder Over Family Inheritance

Horror! Two Brothers Commit Murder Over Family Inheritance

Kwara State policemen have arrested two brothers, identified as Saidi and Idris Amadu, from the Asa Local Government Area of the state, for killing two people in order to implicate their eldest brother over a family inheritance.

Punch reports that the suspects, who confessed to the crime, killed the victims, a woman, Rohimat Kehinde, and a young girl, Fasilat Azeez, because they were angry at their late father for giving their brother, Ayodele, 40 cows while he gave them only 10 cows each as inheritance.

According to the Kwara State Commissioner of Police, Samuel Okaula, the suspects had acted in company of a fleeing suspect named Quadri Ayodele, killed the victims, and placed their corpses close to Ayodele’s residence to implicate him.

The commissioner said this while parading the suspects in Ilorin during the week. He added that Ayodele was arrested, charged to court, and remanded in prison custody after the corpses were discovered.

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Okaula further maintained that the late woman’s husband, Babatunde Kehinde, reported that his wife and Azeez were murdered as they were hawking drugs and other items around the Gaa-Arasiko area near Alapa.

He affirmed, “On interrogation, the suspects confessed that they both conspired to commit the heinous crime in order to implicate their eldest brother, Ayodele Amadu, now in prison, who was alleged to have taken a larger portion of the property left behind by their late father. They also confirmed that their elder brother is innocent of the crime.”

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