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Muhammad Ali’s Son Abandons Wife & Kids After Inheriting Father’s Fortune

Muhammad Ali’s Son Abandons Wife & Kids After Inheriting Father’s Fortune

Muhammad Ali Jnr, the 44-year-old son of the boxing hero, Muhammad Ali, has moved out of the house he once shared with his wife and two children after inheriting his part of his late father’s fortune, Daily Mail reports.

According to the report, the father of two left his Chicago South Side home for a more affluent neighbourhood and left his wife and children behind.

An inside source told Radar Online that Ali Jnr suddenly came into money when he returned from the meeting he had with his siblings in California, where they discussed how to divide his father’s estate.

The source also revealed that Ali Jnr and his family, his wife, Shaakira, and children, 8-year-old Ameera, and 7-year-old Shakera, had relied on food stamps and handouts for ten years.

The inside source confirmed that Ali, who was estranged from his sporting legend father for a number of years, was indeed moving to another neighbourhood but he hinted that he was going to help his wife and children.

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“He gave his wife $75 to buy herself something nice,” the source told Daily Mail. “And bought the kids new shoes. He also wants to set up a trust fund for his kids. He wants to do landscaping stuff and help people. He doesn’t need much. He’s a simple dude.”

According to Daily Mail, Ali Jnr was neglected by his absentee father as a child and at some point struggled with marijuana addiction.

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  • Hmmmmmmmmmm. He should move with his family oh after all they have all been suffering together imagine living on food stamps haba.

  • Who deceived this man that the money will last for ever? Sad that the wife will still accept him back when he is done squandering the wealth like the prodigal son

  • Men, soon he will start chasing girls n neglect his wife of the bad times. Men. Smh

  • This kinda dude can’t even manage the money well, it will soon finish

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