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Graphic: 22-Year-Old Lady Brutally Murdered By Man Who Sponsored Her Education

Graphic: 22-Year-Old Lady Brutally Murdered By Man Who Sponsored Her Education

A family has been thrown into grief after their 22-year-old daughter was brutally murdered by a man who sponsored her to school for dumping him.

The shocking incident reportedly happened in Ghana and was shared by a Ghanaian musician identified as Opanka on Facebook.

According to his post, following the break up, the man who sponsored her education and spent so much on her couldn’t take it and acted in a shocking manner as revenge.


“This beautiful lady was only 22-years-old, she was killed by his Sponsor for dumping him. The guy had spent a lot on her education, but after she graduated she decided to dump him & went to live with her boyfriend.


”What a loss to the family, she had parents, brothers & Sisters who had great hopes on her.

”Now she is gone & gone 4 good, never 2 be seen again. Dear young Ladies can you kindly think on this. Be Principled and live within your means.

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”NB:- Ladies be very vigilant n appreciate your background and be satisfied with the little you have alright, don’t let money deceive you because MEN ARE NOT TOYS… Share and let others know!!!”

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  • Hmmmmmmmmmm he didn’t have to kill her though. Please ladies if you don’t want or love a man, refuse his gifts and money to avoid things like this.

  • It only takes a sick man to act this way, who is still training a girl in the name of marriage, is that an investment? Then you have to kill her because she’s not agreeing to marry you? Gosh!!!! The black race should change their stupid mentality.

  • It isn’t a wise move at all for a girl to allow a man sponsor her education when she knows she’s not going to give him what he wants at the end of the day. Huge lesson to other girls.

  • Lord have mercy………Sad
    Why did she agree in the first place, may her soul RIP

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