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9 Cool Ways to Bond With Your Unborn Baby

9 Cool Ways to Bond With Your Unborn Baby

Eyinade Eweje

Anticipating baby’s arrival can be quite exciting despite the rigours of pregnancy, especially if you’re a first-time mum. Find 9 cool ways to further enjoy your 9-month course and bond with the precious bundle of joy growing in your womb.

1. Pregnancy art. As your pregnancy progresses, get creative with your spouse and have him use your belly as a canvas for beautiful paintings of your baby-to-be or whatever else catches your fancy.

2. Talk to your baby. From about 23 weeks, baby starts to hear sounds. He hears the sound of your heartbeat daily and knows when your tummy growls out of hunger. So, let him in on your thoughts, activities, excitements, and so on. Sing to him as well. He’ll get to recognize your voice and learn to be soothed by it while still in your womb. Have hubby join in the conversation and singing too, and feel him react via kicks, bumps and nudges.

3. Tummy massage. Ask hubby for a gentle tummy message. While this helps relieve some of the strains of pregnancy, it gives your baby another avenue to communicate with both of you through his movements.

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4. Frame some of his ultrasound photos. Spend time with your spouse looking at your baby’s features and talking about the many things you’ll do together once he arrives. Keep several of these photos on your phone too to drool over the precious life growing inside you.

5. Make a gift or keepsake for baby. If you can, choose a project such as knitting a few pairs of socks or shawl to wrap him in after his birth.

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6. Take lots of sideways baby bump photos to document the various stages of your burgeoning tummy. A maternity photo shoot with hubby will be cool too to document a few precious moments.

7. Go swimming. While this is a good form of exercise and takes the pregnancy weight off your feet, it gives you an idea of baby floating in your womb.

8. Visualize. While sitting alone, shut your eyes, breathe in and out, place both hands on your belly, and create memory pictures of the future with your baby. Imagine him being placed in your arm at birth, giving you his first smile, taking his first step, and so on. It will fill your heart with lots of love and joy.

9. Write sweet notes. Writing letters expressing your excitement, the rigours, your cravings, precious moments, hopes for baby, and so on, will make you feel more connected to your unborn baby. It will be so much fun when you share those notes from mummy with him in the future.

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