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Dads’ Profile: Emmanuel Ekeruche On The Best Thing A Dad Can Give His Child & More

Dads’ Profile: Emmanuel Ekeruche On The Best Thing A Dad Can Give His Child & More

Emmanuel Ekeruche is an architect married to Adedoja and together, they have an adorable 4-year-old son, Joshua Iyinoluwa Ekeruche. He opens up on the best thing a dad can give his child and more.

Best thing a dad can give his child

“A lot of parents think that the  best thing to give a child is a good education, I beg to differ. While good education is extremely important, both formal and informal, I believe the primordial legacy a father or parent can bequeath to a child is discipline. Discipline is the foundation to which a child’s future is built.

If you have a very educated child that is not disciplined, the education may not count for much. I believe discipline would help the child acquire those other very important things such as education, respect,  intelligence and most importantly, the fear of God.

Unfortunately you cannot give what you don’t have. It behooves on every parent to be the image of what they want their children to become.”

What makes a good dad?

“A good dad has a multi-dimensional personality. He’s family focused at all times and a ‘super hero’ of some sort who provides guidance to all those who call him ‘dad’. It’s a privileged position of leadership that cannot be delegated and must be taken very seriously.”

So, what sort of dad are you?

“I believe I am a great dad. My son, Joshua always wants to be with me. He is always super excited when I pick him up from school – his smile and hugs say it all. In all of these, I am very firm with him. That said, the sacrifices are much more than I had imagined but I enjoy every moment of fatherhood.”

What’s the coolest thing about been a dad?

“Honestly, it’s hard to identify the ‘coolest thing’. I’d say seeing some of your physical features perfectly replicated and seeing him react to some issues the same ways I did when I was his age.”

What’s not so cool?

“Naturally, I am not a very strict person but sometimes, I have to scold or spank him; it’s not fun to do but needs to be done.”

How do you spend quality time with him?

Joshua loves to sing. So, whenever I hear him sing, it’s feels great to have such a happy boy who is so full of energy.

My wife often teases him that he keeps following me like a tail. If I sleep on the floor, he wants to sleep on the floor, if I lie on the couch, he wants to lie there too. Once he is awake, he expects me to be awake also.

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I walk him to school (his school is very close to the house) and we sing different nursery rhymes and laugh together all the way. We also go to the park and have all been on several family vacations.

We have developed a good father-son friendship and he trusts his mum and I absolutely – I see it in his eyes.”

Low Daddy Moments

When he needs to see a doctor. Once, he needed to go through a minor medical procedure, even though I knew he was in the best of hands in a superb medical facility, I must say that was my lowest daddy moment. He recovered very fast for which I was very grateful to God. I must confess he recovered much faster than I did.”

Few tips for other dads

“The responsibility of child upbringing is not solely for the mother or school. No matter how expensive the school is, it is not their responsibility to bring up your child. While the mother also has very important roles to play, dads too have to be involved.

Go to your children’s school, talk to their teachers, know their friends and make your children your friends so they can freely talk to you. This way guiding them would be easier. Also, discover your child’s interest and research, so you can give them informed advice.

I was going to teach my son to ride a scooter until I went to his school and discovered that he showed more interest in riding a bicycle.”

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