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Photos: Dad Captures Heartwarming Moments After Wife Met Their Newborn

Photos: Dad Captures Heartwarming Moments After Wife Met Their Newborn

Ryan Ostle, 36, from Sydney had planned to document that perfect moment when his wife, Kylie Ostle, met their newborn daughter just moments after giving birth and he did.

His wife, 36, shared the photo above with the Mum Society Facebook page and wrote:

‘Remember “that” moment!

As women, we really are just incredible! This picture took my breath away and I had to share because I bet you remember too!’

Kylie who became a new mum after an hour and 40 minutes of contractions said she wasn’t aware her husband was on hand to preserve the moment in photographic memory but that she loved the outcome of the pictures.

‘I knew he had the camera there because he ran at lightening speed to grab it when the midwife said: “There is a chance you will miss it if you aren’t quick”. However, when he actually took the photo, a camera was the last thing I would have noticed,’ she told Daily Mail.

She added:

‘It’s rare you get a moment caught in one single picture as a mum. But for it to be THAT moment is nothing short of miraculous…

After I shared my photo and it was liked over 1,600 times, I realized that moment and that feel-good message is worth spreading.

I am almost a week after giving birth and I’m still riding the most incredible high. Every time I look at that photo I feel it again.’

See more photos below.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Ryan Ostle

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