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6 Types Of Friends That May Ruin Your Marriage

6 Types Of Friends That May Ruin Your Marriage

Sometimes, as a married man or woman, some individuals you think should have your best interest at heart may actually be disastrous to your marriage. That’s why it’s crucial to choose your friends carefully and set clear boundaries to guide your interactions with them.

Find a list of 6 types of friends you should be cautious of…

1. The “friend” who doesn’t acknowledge your significant other

Have you ever tried to mention your spouse to your friend and whenever you do, your friend changes the subject? Have you noticed that your friend never asks how your life partner is doing? If you keep referencing your mate, and the other person keeps acting as if he or she doesn’t exist, that tells you that person doesn’t want your partner to exist. That’s bad for your relationship.

2. The “friend” who makes sexually oriented comments and jokes

It’s not uncommon for sexually tinged words to be exchanged during conversations, particularly online or in texts. Everyone enjoys a flattering tease or comment about how attractive, sexy, or desirable they are. And maybe on a rare occasion, such words from this type of friend could lift your spirits. But if a friend is continually addressing your sex appeal in a way that makes you uncomfortable, then it’s time to question his or her motives.

3. The Clingy Friend

This is the friend that always wants to be around you. He or she is always around and wants to be included in all your activities and outings. Every marriage needs it’s space, so this could cause a problem.

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4. The Nosy Friend

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The nosy friend always wants to know EVERYTHING going on in your life and does not respect your privacy. You should be wary of this friend because some matters are best kept between you and your spouse. Such friend is also likely to be a talebearer, so keep your distance.

5. The “Secret Crush” Friend

Sometimes, friends of the opposite sex develop romantic feelings for you but try to hide it. Though they might not approach you with these feelings, they likely would not have the best interest of your marriage at heart. So, if you have one, it may be time to let them go.

6. The Ex

Your ex is always an interesting character. They believe that your friendship is the open door to get back with you. This may be the worst kind of friend to have because some are often relentless in their quest to try to get you back. Proceed with extreme caution.

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