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Nollywood Actor, Deyemi Okanlawon & Wife, Damilola, Tell Their Love Story

Nollywood Actor, Deyemi Okanlawon & Wife, Damilola, Tell Their Love Story

New parents, Deyemi and Damilola Okanlawon shared on how they met, their 3-year-old marriage and more in a chat with Punch.

Read excerpts below.

On how they met

Deyemi: We met as undergraduates at the University of Lagos. We were both studying chemical engineering at the time. We never really spoke to each other until a few years after graduating from the university. We started dating sometime in 2011…

Damilola: We went to the same university. We had some friends together. We kept bumping into each other at parties or at friends’ homes. Our paths kept crossing. …We courted in the old fashioned way with a lot of time spent to know each other.

On how he proposed and her reaction

Deyemi: I remember I took her out to dinner and I asked a band to sing the classic hit, Endless Love. I joined them in singing, got on one knee and asked her to marry me.

Damilola: Of course, I said yes to his proposal. I am someone who is not easily surprised, but I did not see the proposal coming.  I would say he planned it well.

On their marriage and how it’s been so far

Deyemi: We got married on January 5, 2013. Our marriage has been an amazing journey of self-discovery and growth.

As with all relationships, there would be moments when perspectives differ. At such times, we try to make sure that we communicate and resolve differences in opinions as quickly as possible.

When it is clear that our views are not going to be the same, we choose to leave each other with our decisions. For example, I believe the US deserves a Donald Trump presidency while she believes that Hilary Clinton should be the country’s next president. There is no way we’re going to agree on that.

Damilola: Our marriage has been blessed as we have both grown over the years and become better versions of ourselves… We have quite a number of healthy arguments. We are both highly opinionated individuals but it is fun.

I apologise whether I believe that I’m right or wrong. I find that it’s the first step to a quick resolution. He usually apologises first though, as he is the more mature and patient one.

On fitting into their roles as parents

Deyemi: We have a three and a half months old son and I think we have both successfully managed the transition.

On how Dami feels watching his romantic scenes

Damilola: I never thought I would marry an actor. But I am coping very well. I feel nothing whenever I watch my husband’s romantic scenes. He does not like me watching them though but I know that it is all make-belief.

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On assisting Dami with domestic chores

Deyemi: I do that as often as I can. Nowadays, I spend most of my work-free days and nights taking care of our baby.

Damilola: It’s true that he helps out with house chores.  I would say that he is an amazing father and almost spends more time with our baby than I do.

On memorable moments in their marriage

Deyemi: The most memorable moment for me remains the day I found out that I was going to be a father.

Damilola: The day we got married remains a memorable moment. I was also over the moon when I found out that I was expecting a child.  The day I gave birth to our handsome son was also amazing moment.

Advice to other couples

Deyemi: …Take responsibility for your relationship, learn to forgive daily regardless of who is right or wrong, find purpose for your union and rely on the wisdom of God’s word for the fulfillment of His plan for your lives.

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