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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Mend This Broken Heart?

Dear MIMsters: How Do I Mend This Broken Heart?

I woke up this morning again with a heavy heart. It’s been a little over one week since he broke up with me.

Emezie m and I were madly in love with each other, or so I thought. The communication, chats, text messages and everything was lit. He would push away any man that simply admired me and say, ‘No, no, no, babe! You are mine.’ He monitored my every move, he was just so jealous and emotional.

He is a marketer in one of the banks, cute, tall, speaks very well and yes, everyone loved him. He was doing well, and yes, I was doing very well too. But then, I noticed he was so conscious of his phone, passworded it and never let me go through even his pictures. Well, he never went through my phones too.

Whenever he travelled home to see his mum, he blanked me off and wouldn’t call or chat till he got back to town. But I wasn’t bothered… I loved him and thought that was all that mattered. I was so deeply in love that I didn’t want to see any fault. I also knew he was hot tempered but he never hit me, not even for a day, so, it was fine.

I prayed so much for us – I didn’t even take note that we had just been dating for 5 months.

Then, he called me one day and said he was in need of 200,000 to sort some things. I ignored him because I wasn’t too sure he was going to pay me back. I never talked about it again and he didn’t too.

On his birthday which was three weeks ago, he was in another town for training but we talked and chatted all through. When he got back a week later, he came to my office and said he missed me and just came around to see me. It was a Monday.

On Tuesday, I spent the night at his place and gave him all the birthday gifts I got him. He was so excited. The next morning, he left early to work. I dressed up too and left. I never heard from him again until Friday evening when he called and broke up with me. He said the relationship wasn’t going to lead us anywhere, that we are not compatible, he cannot marry me and wants to start dating someone he would get married to.

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I was too shocked to say a word. Just like that? I couldn’t even believe it, tears just couldn’t stop flowing. What a black Friday for me. I called back later but he never picked. Oh, I cried all through the night. I was shocked. I thought he loved me, now I know better.

The next day, he picked my call. I only wanted to be sure he meant everything he said to me and when I asked, he said, ‘Yes I can’t joke with something serious like this.’

I remember him every day and wish him well. He broke my heart but I have forgiven him. I am trying to move on but don’t know how. I just pray he is happier wherever he is.

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  • You are a good woman and God will send your man. What you should be concerned about is whether he left you with just a broken heart because the way he called it off is suspicious(ie hope he wasn’t on a mission)

  • Pray to God. I pray to God to Heal my heart whenever it aches. Do same and see God heal you of the hurt. It’s not going to be easy but you should try. Forget about him and move on, he doesn’t love you. I can assure you he is either married or has someone serious he wants to marry plus I believe God is saving you from future disaster with him. Better go through the heart break now that it is just a few months into the relationship than years. He doesn’t deserve you one minute. I am sorry and pray you heal in no time.

  • Hmmmmm…. He may have found out something he’s not telling u… But since he’s moved on, try and do same, I know how hard…. The Lord is ur strength!

  • Working the night shift! Always looking for positive things to read! I’m living a single life with God! Waiting with the Lord! I’m learning that my Singleness is a Gift from God! It’s been challenging but with God it’s getting better! I been married before I lost my husband in 07. Then I got into another bad relationship an stay in it for 9 yrs, he left an married another woman! So I know about a broken heart, but I also know God specialized in the broken hearted, because He has heal me.. It’s been year since the last relationship. So I’m getting my life back with the help from Jesus!

  • This is horrific, what manner of man breaks up with a woman over the phone? He is not even man enough to face you. He should cover his face in shame.

  • Pls don’t take things for granted, love with your eyes opened. You ignored the signs cos of ‘love’. It’s a lesson sha, move on n b wiser.take heart

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