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Wife Of Ghanaian Rapper, Rap Doctor, Reveal Secrets To Their Long Lasting Marriage And You Won’t Believe It

Wife Of Ghanaian Rapper, Rap Doctor, Reveal Secrets To Their Long Lasting Marriage And You Won’t Believe It

Annica Nsiah-Apau, the wife of Ghanaian rapper, Okyeame Kwame, aka Rap Doctor, has revealed one of her secrets to sustaining and maintaining her long lasting marriage of 12 years to the handsome rapper hubby.

The amazing wife who couldn’t hold back on the happenings in her home simply crowned it on constant love making.

Appearing on ‘Delay Show with Deloris Frimpong Manson’ where she made the epic revelation, the yummy mum of two also revealed that having sex everyday helps them in avoiding extramarital affair.

”That’s one of our secrets and I don’t know why he went public with it, but yes, when he has not traveled, or if I’m not sick or menstruating, we have sex each and every day, Even before I came on this interview, we had sex.

Well, we decided to do this to prevent temptations of having sex outside the marriage.”

Last year, the faithful hip hop star once declared during an interview that ever since he got married he has never had intercourse with any other woman except his wife, adding that he has no reason to be unfaithful in his marriage because his wife offers him all that a man deserves in his marriage, GhanaLeaks reports.

“I did something like that way back when I was not married. Which is about 12 years ago. When a woman figures out nags her hobby in marriage her husband is forced to go out with her fellow who gives him more comfort or peace.”

He also rank good appearance of women as one of the major stuffs that holds a husband to his wife .

”Men despise a woman who pays no attention to her body especially those who always are in rappers.”

Okyeame confessed that since the day he tied the knot with his wife he has never said ‘I love you ‘ to any other lady because he has his own way of ignoring them.

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”I think nothing good of a woman who tries to make passes at me rather than a witch and a destroyer of my family. These ideas have hooked me to my wife for years now,” he disclosed .

Societal constructed norms that discriminate against women in marriage must be terminated for good. Society has made men feel more human than women.

When a man cheats in marriage it is nothing but turns something when a woman falls culprit of cheating. She is then referred to as ‘commercial sex worker ‘ ( prostitute ),” he argued.

The faithful couple who got married in 2009, are blessed with two beautiful kids.

Photo credit: Okyeame Kwame

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