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9 Simple Tips To Make Your Labour Easier

9 Simple Tips To Make Your Labour Easier

As a woman, childbirth is probably the biggest rigour your body will undergo. Though your bundle of joy’s exit from your womb will definitely hurt, here are a few things you can do to make the birthing process easier for you…

1. Take a childbirth class. This will arm you with proper knowledge about the stages of labour, what to expect and so on. You will also be taught coping techniques, be able to practise them way ahead of your big day and ask questions about other concerns. These will relieve all that anxiety which can make labour longer and tougher.

2. Exercise during pregnancy. Engage in simple cardiovascular exercises like swimming and walking. Kegels, which will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles in preparation for pushing during labour, and pregnancy yoga are also good options.

Experts say women who stay active and fit throughout pregnancy usually have shorter labours and boost their endurance level, making it more likely they’ll be able to handle the pains and stress of labour without medical interventions.

3. Have a great support system. Your partner’s presence and encouraging words during labour for instance, can relieve anxiety, boost your energy level and optimism. Ask him for a massage or whatever you think will make you feel better.

In addition, being assured you are in the hands of qualified medical personnel also boosts your confidence that all will go well, relieving unnecessary fear or apprehension.

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4. Labour pain relief. Ask your doctor about safe options available to minimize your pains. An epidural is one of them. See pros and cons of this and other options to ask about here.

5. Try different positions. Besides lying on your back, there are several other positions you may find more comfortable during labour and birth. Some include squatting, sitting and side-lying. Read more here.

Try them out and switch as you deem fit to aid some more comfort during those tough hours.

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6. Use breathing techniques. Using labour breathing techniques (learn at your childbirth or prenatal class) during the different stages will help you cope with the pains.

Patterned breathing for instance helps you focus, relieve tension, calm you down, manage severe pain sensations and make contractions more productive, helping labour progress faster.

7. Distract yourself. When contractions start, try to find a way to take your mind off worrying by engaging in activities that will help you relax as this will make labour progress faster. A walk or warm shower may help.

8. Sustain your energy level. Have light snacks to eat and water to stay hydrated handy. However, avoid getting too full or snacking on fatty foods to prevent nausea during the later active stages of labour.

9. Move. Moving around during labour often helps baby get into the right position for birth, making for a shorter labour. Walking or sitting and bouncing on an inflatable birthing ball are simple options to try out.

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