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5 Foods You Should Not Put In Your Microwave

5 Foods You Should Not Put In Your Microwave

As fast as the microwave is at reheating and cooking, there are some foods you should keep out of it. Find 5 of such foods below and why you are better off not putting them in your microwave…

1. Breast Milk

Thawing frozen breast milk in your microwave may seem convenient and fast but may not be such a good option. A microwave usually heats baby’s milk unevenly, creating hot parts you that can scald baby’s sensitive mouth.

The parts not heated properly may also be predisposed to bacteria growth. Some studies also say this heating method may destroy some of the immune-boosting proteins contained in breast milk, especially if heated on high temperature.

Do it the good old way – heat up breast milk or baby’s formula in hot water or in a pan placed on your cooker, shaking the bottle properly at intervals.

It’s also best to avoid heating up plastic baby bottles in your microwave. See why in number 4.

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2. Frozen meat and poultry

Thawing your frozen meat in your microwave is also not such a good idea as uneven distribution of heat, especially if your microwave doesn’t rotate food while cooking it, can cause some areas to overcook while others remain frozen. Some studies say bacteria will likely strive or multiply in unthawed areas. Such foods are high risk for contracting food-borne diseases.

If you don’t plan cooking thawed meat immediately, don’t use your microwave.

3. Eggs

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If you’ve tried preparing hard-boiled eggs in your microwave, you know how much of a mess that can create. The rapid heat from your microwave causes lots of steam to build under the egg shells and there may be an explosion before you know it as that’s the only way the steam can escape.

4. Foods stored in plastic containers. A lot of folks buy and microwave foods in plastic containers. These plastics contain harmful chemicals like BPA and BPS that easily get you’re your food and make it unsafe for consumption.

Don’t be fooled by those plastics that read ‘BPA-free’ or ‘microwave safe’ as they are likely just as dangerous. Use microwave-safe ceramic plates and cover food with paper towels in place of plastic wraps or aluminum foils.

5. Fruits

Some fruits can’t take all that heat and may explode or smoke. Most that do may eventually taste weird. It’s best to steam your fruits the good old way to avoid any surprises.

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