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5 Ways Adriana Lima Will Inspire You To Keep Fit As A Mommy

5 Ways Adriana Lima Will Inspire You To Keep Fit As A Mommy

35 year old Adriana Lima, mother of two daughters, Valentina, seven, and Sienna, four, and Victoria secret super model is not just about her looks or strutting the runaway all the time, she is an inspiration to mothers all over the world who are struggling with keeping fit, especially when you are joggling a job with raising two children. In an interview with DailyMail, Adriana shares her “tips” that will definitely help you keep fit and firm:

1.She Eats Clean!

”I change the food, but not my diet, ‘I like to eat balanced and healthy because I am a mom, and I like to be an example for my children,” the Victoria’s Secret Angel told Daily Mail Online. Adriana knows how important it is that what goes in would affect what comes out, like the saying goes, “a minute on the lips. a lifetime on the hips.” She makes it a habit to eat clean all year round as she always likes to be prepared but she occasionally indulges in a slice of pizza, hot chocolate, croissants with her fellow models at the end of a successful show.



2. She Always Excercises!

For those of us hoping to have the super models chiseled abs one day, she says that doing anything is always better than nothing. It doesn’t matter where you are, business trip or just having a nice weekend, do something to break a sweat she advises.

“You can do burpees wherever you go. You can do squats. You can do shadowboxing in your bathroom  anywhere really. You can run outside, even of it is for 10 minutes,” she says.


3. She Likes To Box!

The Brazilian beauty is an avid boxer, and when it comes to her own fitness inspirations, she named boxing stars such as Muhammad Ali and Manny Pacquiao.

“I look to the boxers. You know, every athlete, I really get inspired by the sports men because I understand how much work and discipline they put into it, because you have to hit the gym every day and train for so many hours, and then nutrition, and everything.” She said.


4. She Engages Her Core And Major Muscles!

A lot of people are on the journey to lose weight, so you take walks every hour, you run, you cycle, you swim, you are losing weight, Yay! But your skin is all loose and flabby from where the fat used to be. Adriana tells us that maybe you aren’t engaging your core as much as you need to. How do you do that? Tighten the muscles! When doing your crunches or jogging, tighten your stomach walls like you want to throw up. Engage those core muscles and start looking faboulous.

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5. She Prepares Herself Mentally

It’s not news that everything in life, especially when it comes to losing weight is a slow process. Don’t get it wrong, some people burn faster than others, but Adriana advises that one has to be mentally prepared. How? Prepare your mind that it’s going to take time, you might not see results as fast as you want to but the difference is you started and you keep doing what you do. Be consistent. Be driven. Be determined. All of this, takes more on a person’s mental strength.


PhotoCred: DailyMail

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