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Dear MIMsters: What Would You Do If You Were In A Marriage Like Mine?

Dear MIMsters: What Would You Do If You Were In A Marriage Like Mine?

I got married to my husband in 2014. I tried to conceive for a while and God blessed me with a darling daughter on October 31st this year. That was when my husband started showing me his true self. Any small thing I do, he complains and nags.

Just recently, we had problems at home and he started calling my people, including my dad who has high blood pressure, saying that he is tired of the marriage and I should leave his house. Before he started making the calls, I pleaded with him that he can call anybody but not my dad because he is sick, yet he didn’t listen.

During the quarrel, he said many things. I remember he said that when we get divorced, we would go to social workers to know who will get child custody. He also asked which of our property I would take, since none of the  receipts is in my name. Every property my husband has is in his name, yet we bought them all together.

As we speak, he is not even showing any remorse for all what he said. He still reminds me every day that if I am tired of the marriage, I should leave as he is also tired. He said he would refund all the money I contributed to buy all we own in bits.

I can’t leave now because I have nowhere to go and I can’t leave my hard earned property for another woman to come and enjoy. However, staying in the same house with him makes me think of bad things to do to him. Please help a disturbed sister!

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  • I think you should separate from him for a little while and see how things go. Separate and take a break for your sanity and before you do something you will regret. Don’t let him push you please.

  • There’s more to this than meets the eye. I don’t understand how a loving husband will suddenly want a divorce after being blessed with a bundle of joy when the reverse should be the case

  • Sister it is well with o.all men did days are like that.what I all just advise u is that you she go back to God in serious prayer and fasting and I believe you won’t tell the same story again in Jesus name.peace

  • This story is incomplete. You are highlighting his bad sides without stating what triggered it, unless you don’t know. What has he accused you of or what does he nag about. You will not get good advice from anyone by telling a half baked story. I sympathize with you but please come again.

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