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Obese Lady Whose Dad Said He Was Embarrassed To Be Seen In Public With Her Makes Incredible Transformation

Obese Lady Whose Dad Said He Was Embarrassed To Be Seen In Public With Her Makes Incredible Transformation

An obese woman, Maddy Ghorob, 29, who blamed her massive weight on her family’s culture of eating cow tongue has lost nine stone and has transformed herself into a Kim Kardashian-lookalike.

Maddy, a law student from Los Angeles, California, who compared herself to a baby elephant has lost half her body weight after her own dad admitted he was embarrassed to be seen in public with her.

She faced numerous health issues and would even miss days of school at a time because she couldn’t walk and was also bullied for her weight. Her weight got so bad that her concerned parents used food to bribe her into exercising offering her fast food if she went running.


As well as fearing she would die, her wake-up call came when her dad told her he was embarrassed to be in public with her.

Maddy started pre-surgery classes in May 2015 and in November last year underwent weight loss surgery and has since lost 9 stones.

She said: ‘I never regretted it once. It’s hard, it’s painful.

Maddy told MailOnline:

”I used to weigh the same as a baby elephant. I wasn’t living. At times I just wanted to die.

One day my dad said ‘I’m embarrassed to go out with you. Not because you’re fat, because your weight shows people that you don’t care about yourself and you don’t value your body or life’.

I know this sounds terrible for a father to say. But we have always been very open and honest with each other and I had tough skin. It didn’t offend me. I didn’t want people to think I didn’t care about my health, my body, and my future. That’s was when I decided to get surgery and now life has changed so much.

I feel like I’ve been reborn.”

Maddy struggled with her weight her entire life.

Growing up with Iranian parents, she feasted on cultural delicacies such as fried cow tongue, consuming up to three a day.

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Maddy explained further:

”My diet as a child was ridiculous. For example, in our culture we eat a lot of cow tongue. It’s the most delicious way to get instant heart disease. When I was little I loved it and would eat two or three a day. I was six years old and eating over 2000 calories a day of fatty cow tongue.”

A year on, she is determined to keep the weight down.

“The last six or so months have been all me exercising my willpower and self-control. I am happier, I am more confident, I am social, I am lively, I am nicer, I am more fun.

I definitely get more attention from guys. It’s such a weird and fun feeling getting hit on by guys every time I go out – even when I’m in sweats and no makeup.

It’s so strange. I’ve never experienced this before.”

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