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“I Have the Best Husband in the World!”: MIM Reader Bose Shares Touching Story

“I Have the Best Husband in the World!”: MIM Reader Bose Shares Touching Story

MIM reader, Bose Lolade-Odunsi, loves her husband so much, and she wants the world to know it! He supported her when she was striving to fulfill a very important career goal, and his kind gesture really moved her in the most amazing ways. Read her beautiful story below: 

My husband and I recently celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. Looking back at the last seven years fills my heart with gratitude to God for the fine gentleman he blessed me with. Sometimes I find my self asking “what manner of man is this? “ but then I remember he’s proof that God truly does answer prayers. My husband has been ever so loving and supportive since the beginning of our marriage but this year, he  absolutely blew my mind.

In October 2015, I was selected to attend an exchange program in my place of work. I was to spend six months at our head office in Germany learning to use a new application and networking with the colleagues there. This was a big deal to me and I was really excited about the opportunity. But then I remembered I had a husband and two kids (aged 5 and 3 years) who I had to care for, and I began to worry if I could afford to leave them for six months.

When I got home I told my husband about the program and he was truly happy for me. He said I must not miss the opportunity, and he described it as a boost to my career. He also emphasized that seizing this opportunity could open up even more doors for me. I was totally humbled by his words of encouragement and sincere support. When I expressed my fears to him about who would care for the kids and himself he said that shouldn’t be a problem and that we would cross the hurdle when the time comes.



I began to prepare for my trip, but deep down within I still worried about who would care for my kids. Since both our parents have passed on, our children don’t have the luxury of grandparents, and my sisters lived too far away.

The only option available was to have my sister-in-law come live in our house to help with the kids. So I discussed this with my hubby and guess what? He said it was not necessary.

I insisted that we needed to get someone to help with the kids, as I didn’t think he would be able to handle them all by himself – getting them ready for school, preparing their meals, dropping them and pick them up from school, doing the kids homework and still going to work himself.

He eventually agreed that I could talk to his sister and she could come and stay at our place.

A few weeks before I was scheduled to leave for my trip, I spoke with my sister-in-law and thankfully, she agreed to stay at our home while I was away.

After I traveled I contacted her to remind her about our agreement. But to my utmost surprise, she informed me that my husband said she shouldn’t come yet, stating that he would call her when he’s ready.

Weeks passed. Months passed. And he did it all by himself! He told his sister not to bother.

Each time I called and Skyped with the kids they were always happy and excited, and they confirmed that everything was going well. However, cooking was a challenge so from time to time, I ordered food from my friend who is a caterer.

I got good reports from my friends in church, my neighbors and even my children’s school. Each time I called my children’s teachers they were filled with praises for my hubby on how the kids came early to school (which was a big challenge for me when I dropped them at school ) and how they always did their homework and were so neat and smartly dressed.

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While I was in Germany my husband kept encouraging me to relax and enjoy my time in Germany as everyone was okay at home.

He even encouraged me to seize the opportunity to visit other European countries as it would be cheaper to travel around since I was already in Europe… and off course I took his advice.

Upon my return to Nigeria all I kept hearing was how blessed I was to have such an amazing husband.

I was at my kids’ school to pick them up and came across the school head, and she immediately told me my hubby deserved an award, as he really took good care of the kids.

I’m truly thankful to God for my husband, as I have peace of mind, and loads of support and encouragement in fulfilling my role as a wife and mother.

Amidst all the negative news on marriages and men’s irresponsibilities, it is refreshing to know there are still loads of men that are totally responsible and have the mind of Christ. I’m grateful to God for blessing me with one.

Bose Lolade-Odunsi

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  • Awwwwww this is so amazing. God bless her husband. This is proof there are still awesome men out there. It was on this same MIM we read a story of a woman who was supposed to go to Germany for training for less than 6months or so and the husband refused.

  • Wow! He truly deserves an award for permitting and encouraging you to go for that long in the first place considering how tender your kids are. Then another award for single handedly caring for those kids. But all you can give him is your love, respect and humility. He is amazing indeed.

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