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Dear Mimsters: My husband wants to reunite with his ex-wife and is seeking my consent.

Dear Mimsters: My husband wants to reunite with his ex-wife and is seeking my consent.

Six year ago after my service, I went in search for a job in an oil company. In the process I met my husband. He promised to help me secure a job because he was working there. One thing led to another, we became friends and got married.

While we were still dating, I noticed he was married. I tried to quit but because I came from a poor family & needed that job desperately I stayed put but tried as much as I could to hide the relationship from his wife because it was my first time of dating a married man.

In a short time precisely 2-years after we met, he broke up with his wife on the basis that she was living a fettish life. She had taken his clothes to spiritualists. Her in laws caught her and asked her to take them to the church to verify but she drove them round the town and couldn’t take them to the church.

However, the major problem started when he read a text message on her phone in which she advised her sister to go and blind her husband’s eyes spiritually. This made him run away from home.

A family meeting was called for the judgement but she and her people refused to come, instead she parked her things with her 2 kids and left which eventually led to a divorce.

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A year later, the man proposed to me. Initially I refused but was convinced by his friends and family members. They told me how bad his ex and her mum were.

To the story short, I finally got married to him and the marriage is blessed with 2 girls. Now, he’s planning to go and bring back his ex wife. His reason is that he wants to give his children proper fatherly attention but my mind is tells me it is because he wants a male child. Now they are seeking for my consent. Pls should I give my consent? What will be my position in the marriage? Or should I quit with my children? I am confused, though he still shows me love.

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  • I think you should leave with your kids and let him bring back his first wife. But please make sure he is responsible for the kids and you. But you can stay back if you want to be his second wife and you are comfortable with it. If I was you, I will leave.

  • All those stories about going to a spiritualist and text messages were what you were told. You didn’t see any of it. You were the reason why that marriage broke up. You married him not because you love him but out of greed and selfishness. You have no idea how far that woman had gone with him before he reached the level you met him. God has finally answered her prayers(Have you asked yourself what sane man would take back a ‘fetish’ woman). So whether you give your consent or not, at the appointed time she will return home. So I will advise you to respect yourself and not cause anymore problems. That man is rich enough to settle you financially, open account where he can be supporting you monthly. Don’t put asunder what God has joined together

  • complicated…i cant b a second wife….but u chose this urself…can u b a co wife

  • Well, you broke another woman’s home as far as am concerned, all these stories were cock and bull. Karma is a bitch and has a way of locating it’s victim. Suck it up woman, with or without your consent, this guy is going to bring back his kids, Deal with it.

  • God bless u eka. See eh, these ladies are greedy. U claim u dated him bcos u were poor, knowing you were dating a married man. That was the time u signed up for doom. Shame on u. My mum is going tru alot bcos of evil girls like u.

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