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How Cool Dads Bond With Their Kids

How Cool Dads Bond With Their Kids

Studies have shown that an involved father is also crucial to the healthy development of the child. Times are changing from when the roles of the father was strictly limited to providing and disciplining to more nurturing, caring and mentoring roles. While it is pretty easy for a mum to bond with her children, fathers on the other hand need to put in some extra effort to create that special bond. Note that the more your activity with your child is, the stronger the bond. See practical ways to make that happen;

  • Read to your child.
  • Change dirty diaper and talk to your baby while at it.
  • Bottle feed your baby more often and rock her to sleep.
  • As they get older, form a habit of putting them to bed every night. Let that be your duty.
  • Take a shower with your son.
  • Take a plunge into the pool together.
  • Children love being played with.
  • Bring your child in close contact with you, skin on skin. Be affectionate.
  • Help out with home-work especially one that involves science and crafts.
  • Be there during sickness to care, provide comfort and soothing words.
  • Play with your child. Children love being raised and swung around.
  • Talk to them about your childhood.
  • Listen to their little stories with real interest and ask them questions.



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