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8 Top Reasons Women End Up Being Single Moms

8 Top Reasons Women End Up Being Single Moms

By Rio Canete

The reasons why a lot of women end up being single moms are oftentimes overlooked, while people come up with a conclusion that single mothers will never do as well as a married mom. Some people’s perceptions of single mothers are stereotyped because single motherhood is still “outside the ideal norm,” thus it is “bad” for the society.

No matter what a single mother does, people judge her as being incapable of bringing up a child because they think being a single parent itself, is a bad influence on her children. She should have a partner to make her family complete, otherwise; her kids will end up being troublemakers, and will contribute nothing good to the society as well. However, this is absolutely isn’t true at all.

There are a lot of factors associated with single motherhood. Let’s try to dig into it one by one. The following reasons are randomly picked based on some of the single mother’s testimonies regarding their status.

1. Unplanned Pregnancy
Most couples who are dating, never discuss “parenting,” unless they both want to get seriously involved with each other by having a baby. Most often than not, getting a girl pregnant is out of the plan. The guy merely leaves the pregnant girlfriend on her own, and she may or may not get support from the father of her child.

2. Abandoned by their partners
Some men are willing to stay and live with a woman but are not ready for responsibility such as parenthood. Thus, once they get their partners pregnant, they totally vanish and not even willing to support them.

3. Abusive partners
When a woman has an abusive partner, she is left with no other choice but to decide to give up the man she’s living with to save herself and or her kids.

4. Addiction with drugs or alcohol
No one wants to stay with a man who is addicted to vices such as drugs or alcohol. A man with alcohol problem or is drug addict is just another reason why some women end up raising their kids alone. You would not want your children to live everyday seeing their father always drunk and being violent, or have your kids witness how their father is hooked with drugs.

5. A Cheater Partner
Some women can tolerate a man’s infidelity, believing that to fool around is only natural to men as they are “polygamous by nature.” This, however, does not work with other women who prefer to make a choice to split with their partners and choose to become the sole parent for their kids.

6. Divorced
Whatever happens with the marriage, if both parties decided to end their relationship legally, the wife usually ends up being the one to take care of the kids.

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7. Teenage pregnancy
This problem is becoming rampant due to some underlying factors as well. When a teenager gets pregnant, more or less the tendency is to ask help from their parents or move out from home to live on their own only to realize later, that the supposed father of their child is not responsible enough to stand by them. Hence, they end up being a struggling single mom.

8. By Choice
Strong women believe that they can raise a child by themselves without having a man by their side. Whether or not the society accepts this, for them, being a good parent does not necessarily mean you need to have a man to help you raise kids. It’s a personal choice.

Being a single mother is a label that should not be laughed at, scrutinized, or looked down. Single mothers need a lot of understanding, solid support systems, and a strong faith in GOD that they will be able to go through this challenge.

After all, a good mother is a good mother, whether or not she is married.

Expert Author Rio CaneteI am a mom, blogger, content writer and virtual assistant. I have my website where I write my personal experiences as a single mom, and I also post inspirational quotes to uplift other single mothers. Feel free to check it out at

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  • You omitted another reason. I wonder why! Some women like are single mums because we were widowed. Nothing prepared me for widowhood at a young age with very young children. I am striving to be one of those ‘strong’ women you mentioned. I am not open (for now) to the idea of re-marriage. Time will tell. To any single mum who is a recent widow, it’ll all get better in time!

  • you left out where a married women lives and solely takes care of her children as if she is a single parent.

  • Am single never got married and i love single mum life,am heading to be one few years to come Mungu akinibariki.

  • Circumstances will always take us to where we want and also where we may not want to be. Most single mothers make the best wife’s in the society. I have seen many.

  • So true, no one plan to be a single, but the it is situation they find themselves in

  • Our sick society stereotypes single moms a whole lot and it’s crazy. People need to evolve already. No one plans to be a single mom. But I would rather be a single mom than be in an abusive marriage.

  • Some single mums do it deliberately like the baby mama trend these days. Get pregnant for a celebrity or a wealthy man and then just relax and be getting monthly alerts for ‘child support’

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