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Eva Alordiah Slams Fan Who Criticizes Her for Being Unmarried Despite Being Engaged for Over a Year

Eva Alordiah Slams Fan Who Criticizes Her for Being Unmarried Despite Being Engaged for Over a Year

In a rather lengthy Instagram post, pretty female rapper, Eva Alordiah took out time to reply an Instagram user who called her “lord of the rings” because she isn’t yet married after getting engaged to her man, Caeser over a year now.

Her post reads:

”How can you, with all humanness in you say “This guy has no Shame, since 2015 he proposed and no wedding, Is she Lord of the Rings?” I read that comment from @princessnwaroh and felt deeply insulted. That was a weak attempt at comedy if she was trying to be funny. It is my ring.

If a wedding happens, it would be my wedding. Have you wondered if the girl in question is ready for Marriage? So because I am engaged I must marry?

It is my engagement, it is only a promise of loyalty between two people. If I decide I am going to hold the Record for longest engagement ever, I’d hold it. How does that have anything to do with shame for any man? For my man?

Last night, I learned how the words people use with us can influence us to several different types of actions. That hateful comment of hers made me type back to her “Shut Your face before you make yourself look ugly online. Ain’t cute for a cute girl like you.” Am I proud of myself when I see that comment next to my name? No, not really. Tit for tat never makes the love go round.

But at the time of my writing that, I just really wanted to shut her face. We have spent many years degrading and berating our Women for not marrying early, then the woman gets engaged and you chew the man for not marrying her sharp sharp.
How is this supposed to end?

I was a girl just yesterday. I am learning to become a woman. And I have the most supportive human being in holding my hand as I learn these ropes.

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Now that’s outta the way, I just wanna say, “I want to have kids, I wish I had one at 19. I want to have a family as beautiful and full of Live as the one my Parents have created for us. I want to marry my best friend when I do finally accept the time. Until then, I WILL PROTECT MY POWER TO CHOOSE FOR MYSELF WHEN I AM READY ţTO GET MARRIED. And if I don’t get married, that’s still me exercising my right to choose.

Recently, the songstress and makeup artiste shut down a rumour that she and her boo have broken up by sharing a lovely poem on Instagram to her man (read here).

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