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Dear Mimsters: Would You Take Him Back If You Were In My Shoes?

Dear Mimsters: Would You Take Him Back If You Were In My Shoes?

Would you take him back if you were in my shoes?

I met my husband during my 100 Level at school through a friend. We courted for 4 years and he pressured me so much to get married to him. Then I got pregnant and we went to the registry a few days before I had my baby. Immediately I had my baby things changed.

He stopped staying home and would move from one hotel to the other. I was always going to look for him and begged him to come home (not that we had any quarrels). He just stayed there and says it’s because he doesn’t want to smoke in the house.

Later, I found out he was always with different kinds of girls. I didn’t react but stayed in my space. Some years later he became bankrupt and things were not going too well for him due to his lavish way of spending. He had refused opening any business for me, anyways. Somewhere along the line due to a very little misunderstanding that he created, he walked out on me saying he was no longer interested and for a month plus I didn’t see him. Soon after, I found out I was pregnant and kept it. When I told him about it he was happy initially, but later he said he wasn’t sure he was responsible, and I told him to forget it if he felt that way.

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For more than 2 years now he hasn’t sent a penny for the upkeep of the kids but begs me once in a while to take him back. Some people have begged me to take him back. How can I take back a guy who met me a virgin but chooses to call me a prostitute. I have moved on with my life now as I couldn’t stand the drama. His relatives never even liked me. Yes, there are children involved, but If you were in my shoes, would you take him back?

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  • Dont take him back. let him go wherever he wants. the same thing happened to me but mine is only a child that is involved. Since his family never liked you just like mine, pls move on with your life…….. a better person will surely come your way and make you and the kids happy.

  • i would never take him back, please don’t take him back take care of ur kids they are ur husband very soon God will crown your efforts.

  • Well God hates divorce , so dis shud be our main focus. However is he truly repentant , if yes pls take him back. secondly for the sake of ur Kids. most often kids with single parents dnt turn out well.

  • Well you have to state your conditions to take him back and you both would sign. He has to start providing child support, and pay the ones he missed for past 2 years on each child. And if he fails to, there would be consequences. He has to know that with or without him, you can and have survived. Its now on your terms. Not his.

  • My dear I feel you should consider your. Happiness… Do you still find happiness with this Guy?? That question should determine your answer and not what people out there are saying… All the best!

  • I think you are in the best position to make this decision, she that wears the shoe knows where it pinches, Stand on the mirrow, look at ur self very well, and ask ur self, Can I accept this man back? Can I love him again? Can I still trust him? I know you have the answers to this questions. Good luck

  • I say don’t take him back. He abandoned u b4, wtout reason, he ll do it again. Plus his family don like u, leave dem be. Move on, leave dat town or city and relocate, start afresh. God will take care of u.

  • hmmmmmmmmmm 2yrs do you know what he has acquired? do u know his new personality? my dear don’t go back to your vomit, you have been doing a good job and I know God wld see you through soon Uld meet a better man Bcos as for me never in my life will I go back to such

  • He was still an adult when he was messing around and he is still an adult now. Men must take responsibility for their actions. He finish eating his cake so he cannot have it any more.
    There are more years for you to leave on this earth and have a partner who feels indebted to you can and wants to make it up to you, I will say give him another chance iff you feel he has truly repented and you still feel love for him. Otherwise, get a man who will respect and love you and the kids.

  • I WONT TAKE HIM BACK…… capital letters. A lot of water has passed under the bridge, two years is a lot of time and you must have moved on, why are you taking a million steps backwards?

  • My dear you have moved on, continue moving on and achieving greatness, do not look back. Let the past remain in the past. I like your guts.

  • Those telling you not to take him back they are not in marriage so they don’t know what marriage is all dear have you sin before God and He for give you.You can still be the best wife in the world just safe his life

  • If your husband failed to provide for especially the kids for 2 good years then I doubt he cares about you. Pls concentrate on raising your kids..adopt a positive outlook to life and live your life

  • I will never take a man like that back. Please move on and ensure you divorce his ass properly. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • The Lord said when you are confused I ll show you the right way to go.pray very well and earnestly too so that God will direct you on what to do.

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