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READ: 7 Ways To Handle A Domineering Sibling

READ: 7 Ways To Handle A Domineering Sibling

 Since it is the responsibility of the parents to look after all their children equally without favoritism, it is important to know how you can handle a dominant or bossy sibling. If you’re wondering how to handle a bossy child, here are some tips that may help you.
Understand the Problem: To know how to deal with a dominant sibling you should know how they are exercising the power above the other siblings. It may be in your absence when the bossy child uses his power to dominate his siblings, either by intimidating or by physical force.
Make rules and make them follow:  Have a clear-cut understanding of how your kids should behave to each other. And make them follow it and keep them accountable to that. How to handle a bossy sibling will never be a question before you because here everybody abides by the rules. Be sure to enforce consequences on whoever breaks a rule.
Use your parental authority: If you wonder how to deal with a dominant sibling, the best tip for you is to use your parental authority to keep your bossy child under control. Make them obey the rules of the house and teach them not to boss other siblings.
Expect some resistance: Children never give-up their power easily. But even if you have turbulence for a relatively short period, you can get things back to a normal condition. That is the positive result that you will get for knowing how to handle a bossy sibling.
Appreciate them: Be generous in appreciating and encouraging the mature deeds of your bossy child. Instead of verbal appreciation, give some rewards for a better behavior.
Be prepared: If both parents have a difference in their opinion on how to deal with a dominant child, sort it out first. If parents can’t agree on a single action plan,  the less chance for the child to change the behaviour as they will find some support from either of the parents.
Be patient: Do not expect a sudden result. But, be patient and strict with the plan, as dealing with a bossy sibling requires plenty of patience.
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