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“Don’t Marry Anyone who Puts Password on their Phone” – Popular Ghanian Counsellor Warns

“Don’t Marry Anyone who Puts Password on their Phone” – Popular Ghanian Counsellor Warns

A well known Ghanian counselor and motivational speaker, Frank Edem Adofoli, is urging the single people out there or intending couples not to marry anyone who puts a password or any kind of lock on his or her phone as a form of security to prevent the other from accessing their conversation.

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“If you are single and thinking of marriage then please don’t marry anyone who puts passwords or locks on their phone as a form of security to prevent you from accessing their conversations. They can surely do this for other security measures, but you must not be the reason for this action. I am very much aware that passwords or lock are for security purposes but one thing I don’t approve of is when a spouse becomes the reason for that security measure.

There is nothing like secrecy or privacy in marriage, let no one deceive you there is, and let no one tell you he or she is doing that to save you from getting hurt. Marriage is a holy institution, there is nothing like hiding. Marriage is made for life and one of the very things that can destroy it is acts of hiding things.

What are you embarrassed or ashamed of your spouse seeing? If you can’t be truthful, honest and transparent with them, then there is no need getting married to them. It doesn’t matter how you feel about them.

Many people don’t know trust is more important than love in any relationship especially marriage. Love without trust is empty. Trust enhances love, it makes it beautiful and fortified. Trust is very essential.

Your relationship is bound to fail if you agree to marry someone you don’t trust. The simple question is, if I can trust you with the most important organ in my life which is the heart, that which holds my life in the name of love, then why can’t I trust you with a phone conversation or chat?

If the chat is more important than me, then you don’t need me in your life. I’m supposed to be the most important person in your life and can’t stand the competition with passwords.

In other words, respect each other and for that matter If I need to have access to your phone or social media account, I need to seek your approval or ask for your permission.

Our goal in marriage is to be good couples. A good wife will be the husband’s peace and a good husband will be the wife’s protection. If you are married but find yourself guilty by this message, please change. You might not understand the damage you are causing your marriage and spouse until the same thing is done to you.

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He also backed up his statement with a quotes from Genesis 2:25, Mark 10:8, Ephesians 5:21, Proverbs 11:3.

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