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What Your Teen Needs to Know About Sex

What Your Teen Needs to Know About Sex

The teen years is a crucial stage in a child’s life. These are the years that determine what type of people they become based on the decisions they make. These are also the years when they may become sexually active and curious.

t is a phase most parents wish they could skip. In today’s digital age, children are exposed to much more than parents are aware of. The best parents can do is to give their children good sex education as information is power and to avoid being misinformed by outside sources.

Here are some important things your teen needs to know:

  • Correct body names and functions of male and female sex organs
  • Puberty and how the body changes
  • Menstruation (both boys and girls should be aware)
  • Sexual intercourse and the risk of getting pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI), including HIV (the virus that causes AIDS)
  • Your family values or religious beliefs about dating, sexual activity, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs

When you begin to talk about sex, make sure you do not sugarcoat your words. Let them know the full implications of sexual behavior, including:

Sex Is..

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  • Sex is both physical and emotional.
  • Sex is risky because you might get pregnant or get an STD (sexually transmitted disease)
  • Sex is sensitive, if it is not done at the right time, it might have a damaging effect on you emotionally. Boy or girl, you loose your virginity once, and giving it to the wrong person can be very hurtful when they treat you wrongly.
  • Sex is good and created by God to be enjoyed to the maximum, but is better delved into by two fully grown, consenting adults

Now, explain to them what sex is NOT

Sex is not..

  • Sex is not a way to make somebody love you or respect you
  • Sex is not a test of your love for your partner or for yourself
  • Sex is not a standard to measure how mature you have become
  • Sex is not a way to get back at your parents
  • Sex is not a leisure activity
  • Sex is not always fun or enjoyable, sometimes you will wonder if it was really worth it
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