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5 Parenting Rules You Are Allowed to Break

5 Parenting Rules You Are Allowed to Break

One parent’s parenting method may not work for another parent. Why? Because we are all different individuals, raising different children with equally different personalities and traits. You have to find the right balance and combination of tricks to help you along the way. Here are 5 parenting rules we think it’s okay to throw out the window:

1 .The rule: Nap when the baby naps.

The reality: If you can manage this, more power to you. Some mothers have body clocks that will not allow them “nap”. Because this is a cardinal rule, most mothers secretly drive themselves crazy. Give yourself a break: You’re a grown-up, and you know the best way to spend your time, if you need to rest, rest. If you need to get housework done quickly, do that.

2. The rule: Breastfeed for one year.

The reality: It doesn’t always work that way, some women breastfeed for 6 months, 3 months, some do not even go down that lane. Do not give yourself a hard time when your child has a sniffle, blaming yourself for not breastfeeding. You need to find what works best for you and your situation, breast, bottle or some combination and then trust your own instincts and decisions.

3. The rule: No sweets or snacks until you finish your food.

The reality: Yes, you want your child to eat lots of fruits and veggies. Yes, too many sugary snacks are bad for kids. But once in a while, give you and your kids to indulge. Imagine you have a fussy toddler who refuses to eat, you may have to resort to Gala and Ribena to avoid a hungry and cranky toddler. Again, find what works best for your child, make foods that he/she likes and will eat properly.

4. The rule: Dads are not supposed to bathe their little girls

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The reality: Try following this rule when you have 3 other children to cater for. Yes, there may be a little precaution to protect little girls and make them aware of their sexuality at a reasonable early age. However, we do not want to go on with the mentality that all men are evil, we certainly do not want to raise our daughters with a mindset to believe that, especially when it comes to their fathers.

5. The rule: No more than one hour of TV per day / No TV after 7 o’clock

The reality: In a generation where everything is out in the open, parents are very careful about how much TV time their children get. However, electronic entertainment in moderation is not evil, as there are times when it can educate your child. The key is to find a balance, with age appropriate stations they can watch.


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